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Is Technology Ruining Your Design Project? Here’s the Solution

Is Technology Ruining Your Design Project? Here’s the Solution

Smart Tech Blends in Thanks to Hidden Devices and Flush-Mount Installation


Do you know why male peacocks are so colorful? They use their big, bright tails to attract mates. For peacocks, showier feathers mean he’s more handsome.

But there’s an obvious drawback to being highly visible. Sure, he can attract mates, but he can also attract predators.

To remain hidden from danger, peacocks can retract and condense their plumage. That keeps them safe so they can save their feathers for date night. It’s the perfect blend of style and function.


Similarly, if you’re an interior designer in Suwanee, GA, the style of your next design project doesn’t have to yield to the function of the technology. Digital Interiors is committed to combining the best of both worlds.

Here we show you how hidden technology and flush-mount installation techniques can help your next project.

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Automated Lifts

For some interior designers, there’s nothing worse than decorating around big, blocky televisions.

But the reality for many homeowners is that they’d prefer the function of the TV over a magazine-quality home design.

That’s why it’s so great that they can get the best of both worlds with automated lifts.

Thanks to this piece of technology, televisions and other devices can remain hidden discreetly within the ceiling, walls or a piece of furniture when not in use.

If the user wants to enjoy a show or movie, all they have to do is tap a button on their control device. The display will appear and they can watch their content without permanently altering the look of the décor.

Flush-Mount Installation

Another common issue designers face can be even more pernicious. Not every room will feature obvious pieces of technology like TVs, but every room needs lights.
That means fixtures, dimmers and switches taking up space on the ceiling and walls.

But nobody likes wall acne. So what’s the solution?

Through a process known as flush-mount installation, the different technology can blend in with the design of the room.
That means no garish light fixtures, no ugly switches along the wall.

Instead, the devices remain unobtrusive but still primed for use whenever necessary.

Come Get to Know Us

At Digital Interiors, we know how important it is that design and function go hand-in-hand. That’s why we regularly host “Lunch and Learn” events to help us share ideas with our local colleagues.

Recently, we hosted a “Disguise and Hide: Designing for Technology” course along with one of Atlanta’s premier architectural firms.

The class provides food, fun and a lot of information. Upon completion, attendees receive CEU credit for the American Institute of Architects.


With over 20 years of experience, we’re Georgia’s leader in providing the best technology solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

If you’re interested in learning more about how technology and style can work together to create the perfect space, just click here.


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