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Is It Time To Think Past Your Single-Room Audio System?

Is It Time To Think Past Your Single-Room Audio System?

Set your sound free in every room.

High performance audio and an immersive music experience requires that the sound infiltrate your whole Westlake, TX house. Wouldn’t you love to host a party where the speakers pulsated with the same beat throughout the home AND the patio, playing your favorite song for the entire party to hear? What if you could pause your movie halfway through, and resume it in another room — because your audio-video equipment was all in sync?

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Audio, Your Way

Welcome to the world of distributed, high performance audio. You probably already own some equipment, such as stereo speakers and a quality home theater receiver. The next step is to plan what your multi-room system will look like before expanding and harnessing features to cover additional areas.

We recommend enlisting a tech integrator’s help before trying to DIY your multi-room audio. We know which brands to use and how to wire for the best possible sound. Keep reading to see a few options to weigh when we look at your home.

Wired Distribution

To wire a home with audio, we usually connect Cat5E or fiber-optic cables to the multiple speakers’ location. For larger homes or those whose clients want a wide range of audio, we use a similar process but install multiple distribution hubs. We recommend more than one center since the shorter a sound signal has to travel, the clearer it will sound. You can hide a rack hub in many locations in the house, clear of view.

Based on your tech’s recommendations, figure out where the main AV tools will be stored. It might also be wise to invest in a cooling system to prevent all your wired equipment from overheating.

Wireless Distribution

The benefit of wireless distribution is that its wire-free design allows it to transfer more efficiently, whether it’s a move to a different room or across the county. When retrofitting an already constructed home, installation pros enjoy the ease of wireless configurations.

Although there are many top-notch wireless solutions available, some audiophiles note a slight dip in sound quality and prefer wired. Another quick note if you want to ditch wiring: Make sure your network’s ready for the high influx of information. If not, you could run into interference issues, network blips and lost connections.

The Right Remote

Next, figure out what remote system will power all your sound needs. We recommend Control4 for total control of your high-performance audio. Control4 excels at turning your smartphone into a high-performance controller that handles all your home automation at once, with incredible user experience and interface. We also work with Elan or Vantage. We’ll give you a quick tour of our products when we explore your home’s possibilities.

Hear the Difference

Whether you opt for 2-channel or surround sound, let us show you the difference that excellent, high-fidelity audio equipment can make. Some argue that even higher-end cables affect sound quality, and we have that equipment you need to get the finely tuned sound you deserve.

Take Control of Your Audio

Want to learn more about how a home automation system can enhance your high performance audio capabilities in the Westlake, TX area? Reach out to one of our professionals at (817) 381-7262 or by filling out our online form.


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