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Intro to 8K Resolution: Everything You Need to Know

Intro to 8K Resolution: Everything You Need to Know

Work with a Professional Audio Video Installer to Elevate Your Home Entertainment

Imagine watching your favorite films and TV shows how their creators intended them to be watched – with all the advantages of a local cinema but in the comfort of your own home. In order to take your home theater or media room’s visual display to the next level, we recommend working with a professional audio video installer like our team at Hi-Fi Sales. We can bring high-end speakers and stunning visuals like 8K TVs and projectors to your space. But what exactly is 8K resolution?

In this blog, we dive into what an 8K display means for you and your home entertainment. Keep reading below to learn what this smart AV solution can do for you and how our team can help.

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8K: How is It Superior?

You might have heard of 4K resolution before, from projectors and screens to flat-screen televisions, and are just now getting used to the idea that it has become the new standard quality of TVs. But while 4K delivers incredible results, 8K is a significant step forward. If you’re interested in experiencing your media and AV like never before, 8K is sure to impress.

Comprised of 8,000 pixels, which is 16 times the number a 1080p TV has, 8K displays are impeccably detailed and vivid. This means you can sit as close to the screen or as far away as you want, and your position won’t ruin the image on the screen for you. You will feel like you’re actually there in the scene with your favorite character or in an intense action sequence.

It might feel like the industry just settled in with 4K products and 4K media. But 8K is on the rise and becoming more available from more brands as we’ll see in the years to come, and 8K will be what film connoisseurs want for their home entertainment. Below we’ve listed out some trusted brands that offer 8K right now!

Samsung & LG

Samsung’s Q900 QLED 8K TV was one of the first available and can come in either a 65 or 98-inch display. Delivering a bright, lifelike image with gorgeous color performance, this TV has 8K AI Upscaling, which means it will transform your favorite content – including movies, shows, and other media – into the 8K format. You can enjoy the best entertainment with sharp details and in the highest, crystal-clear quality possible – no exceptions.

LG knows that the future is here and that bringing 8K to your home cinema prepares you for all that the industry and home entertainment will have to offer in the years ahead. Their OLED 8K TV brings a crisp, clear image with amazing contrast onto an 88-inch display that will enhance your viewing space in every way.

Work with Our Team of Professionals

Bringing in new products and smart solutions can always feel nerve-wracking. But when you team up with Hi-Fi Sales, we make sure that you’re completely satisfied throughout the entire duration of the installation. Whether you have more questions about 8K versus 4K or are wondering which brand and TV screen is the right fit for your space, we are here to help.

You can relax during the process and know that it’ll be hassle-free from start to finish. Soon enough, you’ll end up with the entertainment setup you’ve been dreaming of.

Want to find out even more about 8K TVs and how we can bring them to your home today? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to work with an audio video installer that will meet your every need.

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