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Interior Designers: Get to Know Our Team of Home Theater Experts

Interior Designers: Get to Know Our Team of Home Theater Experts

From Design to Installation, Here’s What to Expect When Partnering with Our Team

If you’re an interior designer and are planning a home theater setup for your clients, you might know everything from a design standpoint – but when it comes to the actual installation, things get a bit trickier for you.

There’s no need to stress and attempt to learn everything about home cinema technology overnight.

With our team of home theater experts on your side, you’ll be able to deliver superb service for your clients in the Buckhead area and beyond.

In this blog, we go through the step-by-step process of working with Digital Interiors’ team of professional home theater consultants and how they we help give your clients a dream home cinema.

Keep reading below to learn more.


Initial Steps

Before any construction gets started, you’ll want to talk with your clients and establish exactly what they want from their home theater space.

Including the home theater experts in on this meeting is crucial. An initial consultation helps everyone know what is possible within the space and what options the homeowners have.

This is especially needed if your client’s home isn’t new. We can do a walkthrough with them and with you, and assess the area and determine the feasibility of various types of home theater setups (relative to sound, picture, seating, acoustics and theme).

For a brand-new construction, it’s also key to have all the builders, architects, designers, and installers on board right away to clarify the expected idea and execution.

A cohesive, planned project from the start means your clients will get the home theater experience of their dreams.

Constant Communication

Home theater design and installation are complex processes. Including all members of the team from the beginning and throughout the process greatly reduces miscommunication and stress, contributing to a better experience and end result.

That’s why we take pride in our communication skills, making sure that everyone is on the same page throughout the whole project. We value our professional partnerships with the design-build community, ensuring that we are in constant contact with your team of interior designers and other project stakeholders throughout the process.

No matter the obstacles or hurdles that come our way, with everyone in direct communication with each other and constantly on the same page – everything is well-positioned to fall into place at the end.

Do clients want an altered setup halfway through the build? Or decide last-minute that certain design elements don’t go with their preferred equipment choices? It’s certainly possible.

Our team of home theater experts, however, are prepared for any circumstance and will make sure things continue to run smoothly and in alignment with every contractors’ plans.

The Installation

When the actual installation starts – you won’t need to worry about the technicalities and how a specific technology will work with another.

You’ll only need to focus on your design and what décor you’ll be adding to the space when everything is up and running.

We also will work closely with you to ensure that not only the seating and speaker arrangements complement your interior design plans but also deliver a high-performance cinematic experience for your clients.

Our team will make sure that you are in the best-possible position to give your clients the look they demand for their home theater.

Final Testing

Before our team completes a home theater installation, we’ll make sure your clients know exactly what everything does and how to work the entire system.

You won’t be stuck explaining the best features of their brand-new projector or what different buttons do on their universal remote. Working with our team of home theater experts means you won’t have to answer questions about technology. We’re here to help our clients post-installation, as well.

We’ll also test the equipment and ensure everything is working perfectly. If there’s any issue, we’ll work directly with your client to ensure it’s taken care of right away.

A home theater installation doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can focus on your interior design and leave the installing to our team of home theater experts.

Best of all, partnering with Digital Interiors is entirely collaborative. We’ll gladly help you design and execute home theater projects for any application.

Want to learn more about the process and how Digital Interiors can deliver a high-performance home theater for your clients in the Buckhead area and beyond?

Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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