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Integrate AV Outside for a New Custom Home Theater

Integrate AV Outside for a New Custom Home Theater

Your Yard Is the Perfect Place to Enjoy Your Favorite Flicks

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up some sun. There’s just one problem: there’s too much great content to drag you away from your custom home theater. Never fear, we have the solution. An outdoor home theater is a perfect way to enjoy the warm, Delaware Valley weather while chilling out in the backyard. In this blog, we’ll take you through some smart ideas for integrating an all-weather system that you can enjoy throughout the summer.

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Weather-Resistant Audio System

If you’ve been following our blog, you know how important it is for your outdoor speakers to be correctly calibrated for optimal sound. They don’t have the walls of your acoustically treated home theater to bounce sound off of, so you have to have a system designed for directional audio. But there’s another factor you have to consider: how well do your speakers handle the elements?

Unlike indoor speakers, which can feature wooden cabinets for excellent resonance, outdoor speakers have to provide the best possible sound quality without materials that can get damaged in extreme heat or cold, and won’t rot from water damage. Fully-sealed brass or other rust-proof cabinets are an excellent way to ensure long-lasting performance. Look for speakers that are capable of staying cool internally during the summer months, and provide plenty of outlets for water runoff.

In addition to the materials and the make of the speaker itself, you’ll need connections that can survive the weather as well. While wires will mostly remain buried underground, ensuring that the connections don’t get wet or damaged is essential. Your CE professional will likely have to cut and weatherproof the wires on a case-by-case basis, protecting your system in the long run.

A Bright Idea in Outdoor Video Displays

When selecting an outdoor display, the number one concern is lighting. Inside, you have total control over the amount of light hitting the screen, but in the yard, you’ll have to compete with the sun. So unless you plan on recording every Phillies day game and watching it under the stars, you’ll need a display that can handle the daytime sun.

SunbriteTV is a leader in outdoor, weatherproof televisions. Not only are their displays ultra-bright and glare resistant, but they are also incredibly durable. How durable? Rumor has it that they test the screen for damage against everything from rogue kick balls to gunfire. With that in mind, you can rest assured a little rain won’t hurt it.

Plus, they’ve pioneered some of the biggest screens in the outdoor market. For plenty of sports fans, bigger is better. And while there are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right screen size – like seating distance and viewing angle to name a few – you’ll certainly have your pick from a range of options. Later this year they’ll even roll out a massive 84-inch, 4K UHD model, for anyone who wants to catch incredible image detail from across the yard (or outer space).

Are you ready to enjoy your entertainment content in a whole new way? Contact us to learn more about custom home theater solutions for your back yard.

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