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Innovative Tech for Your Audio Video Installation

Innovative Tech for Your Audio Video Installation

Elevate Your Sound and Media with These New Solutions

Having your favorite media and music at the tip of your fingertips anywhere in your home is an ideal situation. You can elevate any dinner party or gathering in your house or help yourself relax and unwind after a long day at work, just by pressing a button to turn up your tunes or start a new blockbuster film.

But did you know that audio video features and systems are changing every year and that right now, they’re more innovative and luxurious than ever before? You can bring top-notch AV solutions to your Philadelphia, PA home with a professional audio video installation or upgrade from our team at Hi-Fi Sales today.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the latest AV technologies that can help shape and enhance every part of your home, and how working with our integrators can make the entire process a breeze. Keep reading on below for more.

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New High-End Audio Features

Innovative audio solutions these days are making it possible to hear your favorite songs and playlists throughout your whole property. With in-surface speakers, such as in-ceiling and in-wall ones, you can effectively place your audio equipment anywhere in your home – and without disrupting your existing décor and interior design.

These speakers can also create the perfect surround sound setup. Placing them above and behind the listener in the living room, or even in the kitchen and bedroom, lets you enjoy movies to their fullest, and completely immerses you in whatever you’re consuming – whether it be a new album from your favorite artist, a thrilling podcast or audiobook, or an action-packed movie.

Sonos offers incomparable, detailed sound for your home audio system with speakers that can seamlessly blend into any room. From their Sonos Beam soundbar that delivers impeccable audio to a multi-purpose media room, to their full theater setup with a high-end soundbase and subwoofer, Sonos has the easy-to-use audio equipment to round out your home audio distribution and surround sound systems.

Beautiful Screens and Imagery

When you sit down to watch a new movie or binge a TV series, you want to view the highest quality image every time. Now that more and more TV screens can display 4K and 8K content, you can enjoy bright and lively scenes play out in your own media room and throughout your home. These upgrades to your entertainment will amaze you so much that they will make it feel like you’ve gone down the road to the local commercial cinema.

So how can you optimize every movie-watching experience? We recommend top brands like Samsung and LG for your screens. Samsung offers 4K UHD, and now is the first to bring 8K QLED screens to the table. Their 8K, LED-backlit display packs a vibrant and colorful punch in every frame. Lifelike images will dance across your screen while delivering a resolution that is 4x that of 4K.

LG offers the first 8K OLED screens with 88-inch displays – a perfect size for your media room or home theater design that deserves a brightly-lit, vivid image for every viewing.

Plus, if you want to bring your media outside, Seura and SunBriteTV offer 4K screens that can handle any temperature and sunny area of your outdoor spaces. Now the top-quality you expect from your home entertainment can be taken to your backyard and patio to enjoy.

Work with Our Team of Experts

You might not know everything about these new audio video solutions or feel confident enough to install them on your own to your home. Not to worry – with Hi-Fi Sales on your side, you can rest assured that your audio video installations will go down without any issues or hiccups in the process.

We can accommodate your existing systems or install brand-new ones. Our team ensures that the end result is an AV installation that enhances your lifestyle and changes the way you entertain in your own home.

Want to find out even more about the products and brands we’ve mentioned in this blog? Give us a call at (856) 751-1100 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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