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How Your Lighting Control System and Shades Can Help Protect Your Home

How Your Lighting Control System and Shades Can Help Protect Your Home

Ensure the Safety of Your Suwanee, GA Property With Smart Lighting

 The safety of your property and loved ones is top priority for any homeowner. But when you step out of your house or get ready for bed, you want to ensure your spaces remain safe. Did you know, that your lighting control system and shades can help protect your home? In this blog, we’ll show you some smart ways your integrated lighting can be used to prevent potential threats from harming the things you care about most. Want to learn more? Keep reading.


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When You’re Heading Out

When you’re leaving the house, you probably have your routine down pat: leave a light on upstairs, grab your keys and lock all of the doors. Many homeowners turn on a light to make their home look occupied. But a single static light in your house isn’t going to ward off potential threats. Instead, you should invest in a smart system that can make it appear as if someone is inside the house and moving from room to room in a realistic way.

The concept is simple: an occupied house is far less likely to be a target than an unoccupied one. That’s why smart lighting manufacturers allow you to use an “away” or “mockupancy” setting that makes it look like you’re home at all times. Your lighting will turn on and off throughout each room of your home at irregular intervals, mimicking your actual usage to make it look like someone is moving around the house even when you’re miles away.

Plus, when you integrate an entire smart home system, it doesn’t have to stop at just lighting and shading. Your AV and other systems can turn on and off as well to perfect the illusion that you never left.

When You’re Heading for Bed

There are plenty of benefits to integrating smart lighting when getting ready for bed. First of all, you can dim the lights and even adjust the color temperature to ensure an easier transition to a sleeping state. Plus, when you’re finally ready to hit the sack, all it takes is one touch to shut off every light in the house. But your lighting can also help you stay safe late at night.

Say you’ve woken up in the middle of the night to head to the kitchen and cheat on your diet. You can easily raise the lights in the hallway and kitchen without affecting the rest of the house. That way you’ll avoid stepping on any misplaced shoes or toys and minimize the dangers of potentially falling.

On your home’s exterior, you can install even more safety lighting features. Lights throughout the landscape and pool will help you keep an eye on what’s going on around your property while also making it a lot more beautiful. Walkway lighting will keep you from tripping if you have to step out for a minute. And floodlights will activate if there’s any unexpected activity in your yard late at night.

Are you ready to maintain a safer property with a lighting control system and shades? Contact Digital Interiors today for more information!


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