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How Your Kitchen Can Benefit from Home Automation

How Your Kitchen Can Benefit from Home Automation

Incorporate the Latest Smart Technology During Your Next Remodel

Whenever it comes to revamping your space, the kitchen usually takes precedence. That’s because the kitchen is your home’s spiritual center. Whether it’s a stylistic shift to the latest trends or incorporating state-of-the-art appliances, it's important not to let this space get stale. For this reason, many people choose the kitchen to test out our home automation systems. These solutions are can enhance its beauty, practicality, and entertainment. In this blog, we'll highlight some unique ways to take advantage of our systems to transform the kitchen in your Suwanee, GA home.

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Take Control from One Device

The biggest benefit of a home automation system is the ability to place all your technology under one umbrella. This is especially useful in a room that has so many functions and typically limited space. Make any changes from one dedicated device to reduce the number of switches or remotes needed. A popular option for kitchens is using an app on your iPad. That way you can make adjustments from the same place you follow your recipe. 

Don’t lose track of what you’re doing when you want to adjust the lights, lower the thermostat, see who’s at the front door, or change the playlist. Do it all from the device of your choice, mounted in the area of your kitchen where it makes the most sense. You never have to leave the space for any of your technology needs when you’re in the zone prepping for dinner or a party. 

Set the Scene for Any Occasion

In a previous blog, we showcased some unique ways to use lighting scenes. Your kitchen is the ideal spot to incorporate scenes that include all your technology. Below we highlight some of our favorite ones: 

  • Good Morning: Opens the shades, starts your morning playlist and lights the way to the kitchen so you can get your first Cup of Joe. 
  • Cooking: Turns on the lights over the stove and counter, begins a cooking playlist, and lowers the thermostat so you can prep dinner or breakfast. 
  • Party: When friends come over, a “Party” scene turns on the lights over the kitchen bar and table, starts an upbeat playlist and lowers the thermostat.  

Embrace the True Power of Voice Control

Whether it’s to set the timer on your Amazon Alexa, start a playlist or activate one of your smart scenes, voice control has taken off in kitchen applications. With your hands dirty prepping dinner or setting up some hors d'oeuvres, you can just tell your home automation system to do your bidding for you. Create commands to adjust lights, temperature, entertainment, and more.

 Incorporate the Latest Smart Gadgets 

Beyond intuitive control of your technology, we can advise you on other smart appliances that would fit perfectly into your space. There are fridges that let you know when you're running out of items; you can also look in on the refrigerator while at the grocery store to see what you're missing. Add a coffee maker that begins brewing at the time you usually get up. This is a great one to combine with the “Good Morning” scene mentioned earlier.   

Are you ready to smarten up your kitchen? Reach out to Digital Interiors by calling us at (770) 844-5800 or by contacting us online to find out which technology solutions would make sense in your space.

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