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How You Can Enjoy a Wireless Home Lighting Control Solution

How You Can Enjoy a Wireless Home Lighting Control Solution

Get to Know Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS

Hesitant to try smart home lighting control? We have a few guesses why that may be, and we completely understand. Maybe you’re not convinced of automated lighting’s benefits yet or just feel uncomfortable opening your walls to have an updated home lighting design installed in your Buckhead-area home.

While these are valid concerns, Digital Interiors would like to show you a solution that we think will mitigate your fears: Lutron’s wireless smart lighting control systems.

As North Georgia’s trusted Lutron partner, we understand how these systems work, how to install them and how to maximize their specific benefits in residences like yours. Keep reading to discover the robust benefits of Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS and see which one you should try.

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Why Go Wireless?

We recommend wired systems for specific installations, like when your walls are already open for implementing large-scale wiring changes or if you’re looking to install in-ceiling speakers for a home theater. But we’ve found that you can still upgrade your home lighting design through a wireless control system just as effectively.

Besides, if you have an older home that you don’t want to reconstruct, wireless smart lighting control can help you tremendously because we don’t have to damage any walls in the process. Even in newer homes, some people prefer less complicated setups, in which wireless also wins. Keep reading to see which wire-free Lutron systems fit your home perfectly.

Lutron’s RadioRA 2

Lutron’s RadioRA 2 product is popular for smart home owners, and it’s not hard to see why. This wireless system relies on radiofrequency signals to communicate across many zones and devices.

Since the system operates off RF technology, you don’t need to wire your new switches, dimmers or keypads back to a control panel. Simply replace your existing switches with Lutron’s “smart” ones that wirelessly connect to the centralized hub.

RadioRA 2 systems adapt well to future customizations and collaborate seamlessly with other smart home automation products, such as shades, HVAC, security sensors and more. You can access it remotely to power down your lighting at any time.

RadioRA 2 is far from basic: It supports up to 200 devices and can cover as much as 7,500 square feet of space, making it the perfect choice for small-to-medium homes or condominiums. However, if you’re seeking the most complex solution that Lutron provides, keep reading.

Lutron’s HomeWorks QS

Quite simply, the main difference between RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS lies in their program flexibility and scalability. If you’re working with a larger home than 7,500 or want a little more ongoing support, you’ll find that Lutron HomeWorks QS checks all the boxes.

As Lutron’s premier home lighting control system, HomeWorks QS can support as many as 10,000 devices and nearly unlimited square footage. It also carries an extended warranty.

As an additional benefit, HomeWorks QS can integrate with Lutron’s cutting-edge Palladiom motorized shades and keypads as well as Lutron’s stunning Ivalo LED light fixtures.

Lighting Done Right

Curious to see how Lutron works firsthand? Stop in for a lighting design tour in our Alpharetta experience center. We can install the ideal lighting control system that meets your needs and preferences, with a variety of dimmers, switch and keypad styles and finishes to accommodate any interior design preference. 

Ready to explore the possibilities of Lutron in your Buckhead-area home? Talk to us today by calling us at (770) 844-5800 or by chatting live with us below.

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