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How To Take Advantage of Your Lighting Control System

How To Take Advantage of Your Lighting Control System

Let’s Look More Closely at What Your Lights Can Do for You!

You may have started your lighting control system indoors but have been imagining how you can light your Colleyville, TX home’s outdoor spaces before spring arrives. Or maybe you’ve been wondering how to take full advantage of your existing lighting control before you consider expanding.

Either way, your expert team at Home Theater Technologies would love to help you enjoy the full capabilities of your lighting, indoors and out.

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Enhance a Home Theater

Without the “wall acne,” the casual term for cluttered-looking wall fixtures, you can focus on the more attractive features of your wall, such as your lighting and decor. Home Theater Technologies can design lighting that hides into the walls or ceilings.

This especially comes in handy for those with home theaters, where you don’t want anything to compete with the cornerstone of every home theater — stunning video displays. We can install back-lighting and accent lights to set the room with that real movie-theater look that blends in with your decor. We’ll show you where we can add lights to your room to give you a truly immersive entertainment experience. 

Smart Outdoor Lighting

If you have a well-designed patio or have invested a large sum into landscaping, why haven’t you started showing it off? Prepare for outdoor entertainment, or surprise guests as they pull into your driveway with outdoor lighting. Lutron’s Caseta uses a central control system to control both indoor and outdoor lighting, so you don’t have to wander outside to see how the patio or pathways are lit.

Even better, intuitive lighting like Caseta can provide an astronomical time clock that always knows when it’s sunrise and sunset, so your landscape lights always know when to turn on and off. This way, you won’t drain any money into unutilized lighting.

Lighting the Way for Safety

Whether it’s a vandal or burglar, any suspicious person will want to run when they see flashing lights as they approach your house. When you sync your security technology, such as facial recognition software, to your smart locks and lighting, your lights can activate when your cameras detect someone unfamiliar.

Color Your Home Happy

If you’re trying to focus on specific tasks from your home office, blue lighting will help you stay zoned in. Meanwhile, warm lighting provokes peace a healthy appetite -- perfect for a potentially tense family dinner. 

Set the desired mood with nearly limitless shades and scenes. Whether you’re enjoying a chill night at home with the family, hosting a dinner party or a birthday bash, you can complement the mood with a lighting scheme. Just slide through your many color options through your phone, and your space will instantly glow that color.

Let us show you all the benefits of lighting control for your Colleyville home through a hassle-free consultation. Contact us today, call us at (817) 381-7262 or chat with us using the box to the bottom right.


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