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How to Make Your Spring Brighter with Lighting Control

How to Make Your Spring Brighter with Lighting Control

Lighting control makes entertaining at your Oklahoma City home easier and more fun, and your house gets a décor upgrade

As the cold depths of winter fade, it’s time to get ready for spring and summer get-togethers at your home. This spring add some glamour to your kitchen, living room, patio or other entertaining spaces with a lighting control system.

In addition to simplifying control of your lights throughout your home, the mood in your home will be ready for any special occasion. Today we’ll be looking everything home lighting control has to offer Oklahoma City residents.

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Let’s start with a quick review of what lighting control is and how it works. Simply put, lighting control involves installing LEDs in your fixtures and integrating them with a central interface, usually on your phone or a tablet. Once installation is complete, simply adjust the color temperature and intensity of the lights in any room to suit your needs, whenever you want.

Instead of being limited to having your lights on or off, you can dim them or change the color to create striking lighting arrangements for any mood or event or occasion. If your primary concern is making your lights simpler to manage, it’s much easier to use your phone than it is to walk through every room and set the lights how you want them.


While temperatures are starting to rise, it’s still a bit chilly to host outdoor parties, so let’s examine the indoor applications of lighting control.

When it comes to entertaining, lighting control has a lot to offer, particularly with lighting scenes. A lighting scene is a preset lighting configuration for a room or rooms, and they’re fully customizable to suit your needs.

If you’re gearing up to entertain, create a “Party” or “Event” scene where the lights in your living room, media room and other common areas are on, but not at 100 percent. This creates an engaging atmosphere without subjecting your guests to the full intensity of your fixtures. Meanwhile, the lights in your kitchen are at full strength to minimize the chance of cooking mishaps, and all your other lights are off to discourage visitors from wandering where they shouldn’t.

You don’t have to stop at just one scene, though. Get creative and create presets that are more subdued or upbeat depending on what’s happening in your home. And when the party’s over, you can shut all the lights off from your phone and head straight to bed.


Outdoor spaces are where lighting scenes get exciting. The ability to have your fixtures play off natural light and shadows lets you create dramatic lighting designs that aren’t possible indoors.

One way to mix up your outdoor lighting design is selective spotlights on landscape or architectural features around your home. Instead of a uniform glow around your property, you can highlight certain areas while hiding others in shadow to showcase your home in its best light, so to speak. You can create different scenes for different moods, events, even holidays using colored LEDs.

If you want to keep things simple, you can have an “Outdoor Party” or something similar where the lights nearest to your deck, patio or yard are fully lit while everything else is turned off. That way your guests won’t be tempted to wander off into dark areas once the sunsets.

This is just the start of the added convenience and beauty lighting control can bring to your Oklahoma City home. To find out more, click on the chat box in the corner of your browser, fill out our online contact form, or call us at (405) 752-1115.

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