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How to Lose the Light Switches and Keep the Control

How to Lose the Light Switches and Keep the Control

If you have a wall that is plagued with too many messy switches, you could suffer from ‘wall acne.’ Wall acne is common in most homes, yet unattractiveness is not the only problem. The real issue may be remembering what each switch controls. Read on to find out three steps to cleaning up your wall acne.

Step 1: Add control

Probably the best thing you can do in any home automation project is added light control. Of all the improvements you make to your home, it may be the one that is the hardest to live without. This can be done simply using a solution from Lutron or another light control company. The entry systems replace the old-fashioned switches with either digital switches, like the Radio RA3 controls or their pico-controls.

Image Provided by Lutron

While this doesn’t reduce the number of switches on the wall, you can now control the light from your mobile device and create scenes. Scenes could include Morning, Nighttime, TV Watching, or Party Time.

Step 2: Simplify it

Having installed a Lutron-type system, the next step may be to start removing buttons and adding lighting controls. Now you can take the scenes you have created and make them accessible from the wall. A good install can terminate many lighting circuits to reduce the need for many switches. Then your dry-wall specialist can come in and fill the space left behind.

Image Provided by BRAVAS Minneapolis

If you already have a home automation platform like Savant, Crestron, Control4, or Elan in your home, each will come with its own light controls or will work with Lutron. 

Step 3: Make it beautiful.

Once you have added control, the world opens with high-quality, great-looking wall controls. Examples include the Alisse Keypad from Lutron, but there are many other choices.

Image Provided by BRAVAS Atlanta

It’s worth remembering that your home automation platform, which creates the scenes for you, can also control shades and other systems. That increases the value of the scenes you create and can be how you run your home each day with simplicity.

Let us help 

If you would like to reduce the number of switches on your wall or just do a better job of automating your home, then the team at BRAVAS Atlanta would love to help. Every day we work with clients to simplify and beautify their homes. Light control is often the first step.

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