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How to Install Your Brand New Outdoor Television

How to Install Your Brand New Outdoor Television

SES Design Group Finds the Perfect Solution for Your Space

Spring is finally upon us which means two things: great weather and baseball's glorious return! Why not enjoy both at the same time? With 162 games in a season, that's a lot of time stuck in your Sugar Land, Texas home following the Astros. Give your baseball fandom a breath of fresh air with a Seura television that lets you enjoy the game and the outdoors at the same time. SES Design Group links your TV to a home audio video system, so you have easy access to content and an intuitive way to manage it. Read on to find out how we help you get the most out of your brand new TV.

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Figuring Out Your Screen Location

Do you want your TV to go on your covered patio, by the pool or in your backyard? This will affect the initial wiring that connects your television to your home audio video system. It will also help us determine the right screen for you. For example, you may want to upgrade to the Seura Storm Ultra Bright line, which offers extra glare resistance if you're placing your TV somewhere where the sun will hit it directly.

Finding the Right Size Screen

Your TV location will also affect its size. If your television is going to be on your patio, you're likely going to be sitting fairly close to it, so you don't want to go too big. In your backyard, you can go big to enjoy movie nights with the family. Seura Storm TVs range from 42 to 84 inches, so it's easy to find a screen that fits your ideal location.

Getting Content on Your New TV

While your outdoor television may be weatherproof, your cable box, Blu-Ray player or media library likely aren't. So how are you going to get content on your new TV? We do this through a home audio video system. Matrix switchers relay the signal from your sources, hidden away in an AV closet, to your outdoor components. This way you get access to all your favorite entertainment without putting your equipment at risk.

Managing Your Content

You think it's hard trying to get your remote at the right angle to change the channel on your cable box? Try aiming it at a closet one hundred feet away! Just kidding, your home audio video system also comes with a control solution.
You don't need to bring a pile of remotes outdoors that are likely to get lost or damaged. Get access to all your favorite shows, movies or music on a tablet, touchpad or smartphone. With intuitive control from Savant Systems or Control 4, it's easy to switch between sources and save your favorites.

Adding a Surround Sound System

Often lost in the mix during a DIY outdoor installation is the need for surround sound. When you're trying to get audio outdoors, it's not enough to rely on television speakers. You need to invest in additional speakers linked to your television through your home audio video system.

We recommend installing Sonance Landscape or Mariner speakers that provide powerful sound while blending into your home's unique style. Once you've picked out the location for your screen, we add the necessary wiring to mimic a surround sound system with speakers in front, behind and to the side of viewers.

Embrace the fresh spring weather with a brand new outdoor entertainment system. Contact SES Design Group for all your installation needs!

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