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How to Give Your Home a Magazine-Ready Look

How to Give Your Home a Magazine-Ready Look

Enjoy an Acne-Free Space With Trufig

Have you ever looked at a home décor magazine and wished your property looked that good?

Many of us do. There’s something exciting about living in a home that looks ready for a photoshoot.

But sometimes it seems next to impossible to achieve the right look. In this blog, we’ll show you how easy it can be thanks to flush-mount installation techniques and Trufig products.

Are you ready to give your Atlanta, GA home a designer look? All you have to do is keep reading.

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What Is Flush-Mount Installation?

What do we mean by flush-mount installation? Simple: It means your devices don’t protrude from the wall.

Think of it like this: In a traditional home, every room has a light switch. The switch sits on the wall, but it juts out and interrupts the design.

If you were to run your hand over the wall, you’d surely feel the switch and the cover slightly raised from the surface.

In modern parlance, we call that wall acne – the various little bumps and protrusions that disrupt the flow of design.

In the home décor magazines, these inconsistencies tend to be edited out. After all, nobody really wants to look at them.

So the trick to achieving a designer look is by minimizing wall acne as much as possible.

How to Get Rid of Wall Acne

Among the leading manufacturers fighting against wall acne is Trufig. Its line of products helps hide and minimize the appearance of much of the technology you use every day.

For instance, your light switches: Trufig offers a whole line of products that help keep your switches out of sight by mounting them flat against the wall.

And its system is deceptively simple. Consisting of multiple components, including a mounting platform, trim and fascia (wall panel), Trufig helps conceal any kind of electric outlets or switches in your room.

Similar products help hide your touch-panel control devices and HVAC vents, so you won’t even notice them when you walk into a room.

Of course, every home is unique. That’s why Trufig also offers the ability to customize solutions for your home.

So you don’t have to worry if your property bares unique design. It can look magazine-ready without a problem.


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