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How to Find the Ideal Speakers for Every Application

How to Find the Ideal Speakers for Every Application

Fill Your Home with High-Quality Sound via the Right Equipment

Our whole home audio systems are all about offering easy access to your favorite music. You can pull up your playlists, albums or streaming services at the press of a button from a smartphone, smart remote, dedicated touchpad or even via voice commands. Now that it’s so simple to fill your Suwanee, GA home with sound, you’re going to want speakers installed in every room. But what works well in your home theater may not work well in the kitchen. Our experienced and trained system designers can help you find the ideal models for any space.


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Media Room/Family Room

This is the most versatile space in your home, so almost any speaker design will work depending on your priorities. Are you a big audiophile that wants to show off a high-fidelity system? Then you want to go with powerful floor standing loudspeakers from JBL synthesis. If you want a surround sound setup but have limited space, you could also opt for a mix of bookshelf, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers. For homeowners committed to a sleek design, installations can be entirely camouflaged, with all speakers hidden within walls and ceilings.


For many of our clients, their favorite aspect of their whole home audio system is being able to listen to music in the kitchen while they cook or entertain friends. Since kitchens have limited space, we go with in-ceiling installations. There’s an added benefit to going with this option. People aren’t typically static when they’re in the kitchen, often moving from one end to the other as they prep dinner. With speakers evenly spread out on the ceiling, there is uniform sound throughout the room.


You can also enjoy your favorite playlists to wake up in the morning or wind down at the end of the day. Often, the sight of electronics can impede relaxation, so we recommend in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that stay hidden from view. If you want to show off your equipment, you can opt for bookshelf ones. This way they are visible without really obstructing the rest of your décor. JBL Synthesis offers modern designs, with a variety of color options for its grills and cabinets to make sure they match up with your unique style.


With easy access to your favorite music, you can also take it outdoors! It’s important that you always select speakers that are expressly designed for outdoor use. The easiest way to figure out if you’ve chosen the right speakers is to see what they’re made of. Speakers with wooden cabinets should always be kept indoors; instead, outdoor speakers are made of aluminum and weather-resistant components. They should also be directional speakers, meaning they send sound towards a specific area.

This ensures they can survive the elements and be powerful enough to fill the space. We typically work with James Loudspeakers for our outdoor installations, and they offer a variety of design options. James Loudspeaker offers free landscape speaker system design services to prepare a design specific to your home. Also, they offer a large variety of colors for the speakers. The most popular are the all-terrain satellite speakers designed to blend into surrounding foliage; however, there are options for eave and ceiling mounts as well as custom designed for special applications like their solutions for this NAPA Valley Winery. 

Dedicated Home Theater

With a space designed for optimal acoustic performance, you don't have to be limited to enjoying only movies in your dedicated home theater. You can also pull up your favorite artists and albums through your whole home audio. Much like your media room, the choice comes down to your stylistic preferences. You can go with floor standing loudspeakers, sleek in-wall and in-ceiling fixtures, or a mixture of both. Just make sure they're all compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos technology to get immersive 3-dimensional sound when watching movies or TV shows.

Wherever you want to bring your favorite music, we can ensure you get the best quality possible without having to sacrifice your unique style. To learn more or to set up a consultation, fill out our online contact form. 


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