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How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Media Room in the Woodlands

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Media Room in the Woodlands

Expand the Reach of Your Home’s Audio and Video System

After an arduous seven months, the wait is finally over! Football has returned to bring purpose back into our weekends. Just like the Houston Texans can play indoors or outdoors depending on the weather, you can have the same option when watching the game if you take your home audio video outside. SES Design Group can help you install the perfect outdoor media room to fit your personal style. 

Lay the Foundation for Success

The first step is installing wiring that will allow your outdoor hardware to connect to your home audio video system. Whether it’s a new construction project or an upgrade to an existing home, an extensive wiring foundation ensures a durable, scalable system that meets your needs now and in the future. With a connected outdoor media room, you can leave your vulnerable sources such as satellite receivers, stereos and Blu-Ray players indoors. Use your smartphone, tablet or touchpad to access your central matrix switcher or media server which lets you listen to or watch media from any source in any room, indoors or outdoors.


Find the Perfect Screen

Want a television that offers high-definition video while withstanding the elements? A Seura Storm Ultra Bright television has a modern, sleek design with three barriers of protection from dust, wind and insects to ensure its durability matches its quality. Seura provides the brightest display out of any outdoor television models, even when hit directly by sunlight. With access to your media through your home audio video system, you don’t face the hassle of bringing remotes outdoors that can easily be misplaced or damaged. 

Surround Yourself with Sound

For reliable outdoors audio, Sonance has some of the greatest variety when it comes to weather-proof speakers. For a media room located on your deck or patio, you can go with Mariner speakers that bring pristine sound in three different sizes and performance levels. If you want your equipment to be invisible to family and friends, go with the Extreme in-wall and in-ceiling speakers built to withstand extreme temperature and humidity.

Thorough wiring in your outdoor space gives you leeway to install multiple speakers to create the perfect surround sound environment. Mimic the system in your home theater, creating an arc around your screen and adding support behind the viewer to create truly immersive sound whether you’re watching the game or enjoying a family movie night.  

Let Landscape Lighting Set the Scene

Get the most out of your outdoor media room with a smart lighting solution. Coastal Source offers elegant fixtures that can be designed to showcase specific features or simply cast a soft light over your entire space. Available in multiple colors, Coastal Source lights are built to blend seamlessly into your outdoor décor and landscape. Lights can even be programmed to turn on automatically at sunset so you don’t have to worry about moving indoors when it gets dark out.  

Embrace football season without losing out on the final days of summer. Contact SES Design Group to install an outdoor media room in your Woodlands home. 

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