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How to Create the Ideal AV System for Your Home

How to Create the Ideal AV System for Your Home

From the right equipment to the proper installation, custom audio video solutions require care and planning for the best result

Building the right custom audio video system for your home requires more than simply buying the biggest, most expensive TV and speakers on the market. You need equipment that’s suited to the room that the devices will be used in, and many devices require careful calibration if you want the best result. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips for Oklahoma City homeowners to keep in mind when you decide it’s time to install a custom A/V system in your home.

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When you are choosing your equipment TVs and speakers are a good place to start. Your specific needs vary greatly depending on where your system is being installed in your home and the individual room characteristics.

If you’ve opted for a dedicated home theater, you can probably opt for a larger display and specialized speakers, as these rooms are isolated from the rest of your house. If you’re going to be watching video or listening to audio in a media room, however, you’ll likely need a smaller TV. For media rooms, you’ll also want to choose a display that works well in variable lighting conditions.

When it comes to speakers, keep in mind that bigger or louder isn’t always better. If you’re investing in custom A/V, you want quality over decibels. To get a quality sound experience, invest in a proper surround system. You’ll want dedicated speakers in the front of the room for your left, right, and center channels, and you’ll want to place additional speakers off to the side or behind you to create a three-dimensional soundscape.


Your home network is the backbone for all your home automation needs, so you’ll want to be sure your network system can handle all your devices. The greater the number of connected devices in your home, the greater the strain on your network. A weak network can result in an unreliable connection, especially if your custom A/V system includes whole-home audio or you want to integrate other systems in the future.


The old saying that there is strength in numbers applies well to home automation. A home theater or media room is a good start, but you don’t have to stop there. You can use distributed audio and wireless speakers to let you enjoy your music or other content in any room in the house. If you’ve installed a lighting control system, link it to your A/V devices for greater convenience and control. 


Of course, having the best automation system in the world and the newest devices won’t matter at all if everything doesn’t work correctly. To make sure your devices will be installed and set up correctly, contact us at Audio Dimensions for a professional installation. Our knowledge and experience in the home automation field will prove invaluable when it comes to your home and your electronics. To learn more about our custom audio-video solutions, call us at (405) 752-1115, visit our Oklahoma City office at 2222 West Hefner Road, or fill out our contact form online.


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