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Dedicated Landscape Speaker System

When you’re adding an audio system outside, you’ll need to consider a few different elements than you would before an indoor speaker installation.

For example, is your speaker system weatherproof? Rain, heat and wind can ruin a sound system that’s not engineered for the elements.

You also need to consider sound dispersion. Though we see the benefit of including landscape speakers that blanket your yard with even sound – a feat that’s much harder with elements like moving wind and pool splashes. We recommend brands like James Loudspeaker, Origin and Sonance, who have perfected the outdoor surround-sound setup.

Outdoor TVs

If you add an outdoor TV to the speaker solution we mentioned above, you’re primed to enjoy your movies and shows outside all summer long. Whatever you do, don’t drag an indoor TV into the heat and unpredictable weather: You could spend thousands and find an overheated, ruined display just days later.

Though we might not face the extreme heat and mugginess of areas further south, there’s no question it can get sweltering right here in Baltimore, and those high temperatures can melt the standard indoor TV. SunBrite and Seura are rated to handle temperatures above 100 degrees.

Instead, trust a display custom-made for the great outdoors, like the Seura or SunBriteTV models we mentioned above. With screens that excel in shaded, partially shaded and full-sun areas, you can add a TV virtually anywhere you can imagine: These displays contain up to three times the brightness of indoor TVs to dispel ambient light.

Exterior Lighting

Add a warm, inviting glow to your yard, pool and patio with outdoor lighting. During your consultation, we’ll talk to you about your priorities. Do you want a lit path leading to your home so that visitors can walk to your door safely? Or a poolside party glow? Or both?

Fortunately, outdoor lighting can allow users both the fun and functionality benefits. You can use your lights as a safety feature by flashing lights when someone trespasses on your property or synch them to motion sensors that power them on automatically when a guest starts driving up to your home.

Aesthetic benefits abound, too. Enhance your favorite landscaping or add some festive colors by the pool. If you’re looking way ahead to fall, you could enjoy some color accents for Halloween events you host.

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