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How to Build a Design-Focused Smart Home

How to Build a Design-Focused Smart Home

The term “smart home” has been overused to the point that it has almost lost its meaning, yet a lot of people are still wondering what they can do to make their home smarter. If you feel you would enjoy some modernity but don’t know where to start you are in the right place. Read on to learn how to begin selecting the technology to make your home a better place to live, work and play.

The first step to designing your smart space, is to understand what you want it to do for you. This can be overwhelming, as the choices are almost endless. For that very reason BRAVAS produced The Solutions Guide, a comprehensive list of the types of technologies that are available for homes right now. We would recommend starting by downloading The Solutions Guide and reading through it to discover your smart home design options, but I will cover some of the most popular below.

Audio + Video

The beginning of the smart home (so far as we can tell) was the universal remote control, which got rid of piles of remotes and replaced them with a single unit. In the last 5 years or so these remotes have become incredibly easy to use and shockingly powerful. A modern remote from Savant, Elan, Control4 or Crestron can control your A/V, lights, shades, security and more.

That said, A/V might be a good fit for you if you struggle to understand how to effectively use all of the devices hooked up to your TV, or you want to have music easily and seamlessly distributed throughout your home. 


Comfort + Convenience

For most of our team members, this is the most exciting category, which typically consists of lighting control, motorized windows treatments and smart thermostats. Most manual shades are rarely in the ideal position, because it takes time that we don’t have to fuss with them. Smart shades and lighting control, like Lutron Radio Ra2 and Lutron HomeWorks QS, allow our clients’ homes to look perfect, stay comfortable, and maintain their privacy with no input from the client. They simply provide the right light, temperature and coverage throughout the day, automatically.


Security + Surveillance

Security systems have always felt like a necessary evil, but modern security and surveillance systems can be made easy to use and incredibly functional. Easy to read displays and smart features make modern security systems less frustrating than in the past. Surveillance systems are similarly intelligent now too. Modern cameras can be programmed to spot things like package theft, intruders, and even kids getting near a pool.


Outdoor Living

Outdoor space is the closest thing to free square footage we can get, and maximizing it brings enjoyment and resale value to your home. Modern outdoor living spaces are complemented by technology like outdoor-rated TVs from Seura, SunBrite and Samsung, landscape audio systems, and landscape lighting that allows you to remain comfortable and relaxed in your backyard well into the night. If you have a yard that isn’t utilized the way you would prefer, a technology update might be just the ticket.


If any of the above sounds enjoyable to you, contact your local BRAVAS location to begin your journey. If you aren’t ready to reach out, please download The Solutions Guide and learn how you can make your house into the home of your dreams.

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