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How the Right Lighting Design Enhances Your Everyday Living

How the Right Lighting Design Enhances Your Everyday Living

Take Advantage of Efficient Control of All Your Lights

Having a professional home lighting design isn’t just about aesthetics, it should also be about making your Sugar Land, TX home more efficient. Every detail should be planned out, from finding the right lighting fixtures to enhancing your comfort and enjoyment. Whether you’re trying to have a relaxing evening with your favorite book or hosting friends for a dinner party, it’s easy for you to find the lighting levels you need.

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Control of Your Lights Just the Way You Want

A mistake we see often is that clients will spend hours finding the right fixtures for each room while making control an afterthought. The lights in your home are the technology you interact with the most, so why not improve the way you manage them? Every lighting design should include a variety of control options so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

  • Smart Switches: Are you really attached to the way you've been doing things all these years? Don't worry; you don't have to get rid of your lights switches, but you can certainly make them more efficient. Upgrade to dimmers that give you control beyond on and off. You can also have buttons corresponding to specific scenes that turn on the fixtures you need at just the right intensity.
  • Smart Devices: You can have that same level of control from a touchpad, tablet or smartphone. You can choose the room you want to manage, dim lights from 0-100, and pull up whichever scene you want. Within that user interface, you can also create scenes whenever you find the perfect settings for a new room or activity. 
  • Hands-Off: You can get hands off control of your lights with motion sensors, scheduled scenes and even voice control. 

Finding the Right Lighting for Any Occasion

With these control options, it’s easier to relax after a long day at work, get a good night’s rest, and even become a better party host. Below we give you some examples of how you could use your smart lighting design on a daily basis:

  • Entertainment: Settle in quickly after a long workday with a scene that immediately pulls up the lights you need to read a book or watch a movie. A “Reading” scene dims the lights except for the fixtures closest to the couch so you can see clearly. A “Movie” scene closes the shades and turns off the lights to avoid glare on your screen.
  • Sleep Cycles: Do you typically fall asleep reading at the end of the night? Have a scheduled scene that turns off all lights at 1 a.m., so you don't find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to a bright room then struggling to fall back asleep. In the morning, instead of a blaring alarm, you can have the shades open and lights slowly turn on to wake you up. If that's not enough, with a home automation system you can also have music playing to stir you awake. 
  • Setting the Mood: Dimmers—whether managed from your smartphone or wall switches—are an excellent way to adjust the ambiance in an entire room. In your bedroom, you may want to dim lights for a warmer feel that helps you wind down at the end of the day. In your media room or kitchen, you may want to have bright lights when hosting friends to liven up the mood. 

Your lights aren’t just there for decoration; they're there to facilitate your everyday living. Want to learn more about how you can boost your home lighting design with a smart control solution?

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