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How Smart Home Automation Helps Spaces Look Gorgeous

How Smart Home Automation Helps Spaces Look Gorgeous

Improve the Appearance of Your Property With Invisible Technology

Smart home automation is all about making users’ lives simpler. But some interior designers are wary of adding a lot of technology to Annapolis, MD properties. It can seem like lighting, surveillance and AV components quickly dominate the room if they’re not properly installed. What you might not know is that many smart home components available today can be easily hidden from view when not in use, and others never have to be seen at all. Interested in how you can help reduce technology clutter and wall acne while offering the level of control homeowners crave? Read on for more.

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Recessed Lighting

Unless they’re living in a home with the word “abbey” or “manor” in the name, there’s a good chance that your clients prefer 21st century style in their properties. That means reducing the amount of visible technology while still providing easy access to it. The perfect place to start is with the lighting control system. Smart, recessed fixtures remain virtually invisible when not in use, but can help create a layered, beautiful scene in any home. Recessed lighting fixtures sit within the ceiling and are controlled via a touch-panel device or connected remote control. Options for on-wall dimmers are available as well. Many homeowners opt for a combination of discreet, wall-mounted controls and handheld remotes for convenience.

Hidden AV

While lighting is essential, many homeowners use their audio video equipment every day, too. But that doesn’t mean you have to design a room around blocky speakers or distracting, wall-mounted TV sets. Instead, it’s easy to hide AV technology when you keep automation in mind. Integrated lifts help hide TVs in the ceiling or within furniture when they’re not in use. With a single tap on their control device, the monitor appears. Easy access is one of the most important aspects of a smart home: most homeowners will opt for usable AV over superior interior design. But automated lifts help give users the best of both worlds. Similarly, recessed and in-wall speakers provide a perfect balance between style and function. Speakers are evenly distributed throughout the space, typically in recesses no larger than those used for lights. They’re frequently covered with paintable grates that keep them hidden from view. When expertly installed, wires can run within walls to an AV rack hidden in an unused closet or basement. All the end-user has to do is select a playlist with the control device of their choice and enjoy their favorite music.

Consult a Professional Integrator

Have an upcoming project? Don’t delay – start collaborating with a professional AV integrator now. Together, you can come up with the perfect solution that combines integrated technology and stunning interior design.

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