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How Outdoor Living Specialists Boost Your Outdoor Spaces

How Outdoor Living Specialists Boost Your Outdoor Spaces

As more homeowners are creating unique outdoor spaces that accommodate entertaining, everyday living, and even cooking outside, the backyard has become the new centerpiece of the home.  Here are some steps an outdoor living specialist can take to design the perfect outdoor space for your family in your Horseshoe Bay, TX home.

Choosing the right TV

Not just any TV will do for an outdoor space.  Considerations must be taken for where the TV sits in relation to the sun.  Are you and your guests planning to watch the big game in a shady spot, or will you be watching TV in full or partial sun?  There are several options when it comes to outdoor TVs.  Brands like Seura and Sunbright make weather-proof models to fit all of these scenarios.  Alternatively, you may prefer an outdoor projection system with a screen that discreetly hides away when not in use. 


Turn it up

While Seura and other manufacturers offer great soundbar options, you may want to integrate outdoor audio into your existing whole home or landscape audio system.  This will give you options to crank up the music for that outdoor BBQ, or use the TV audio to gather for family movie night. Whatever you choose to listen to, outdoor audio has come a long way. New options like landscape systems and bollard speakers bring concert quality sound to your yard.


Lighting done right

A well-designed outdoor living area isn’t complete without great lighting. Covered areas can be lit much like indoor spaces, but uncovered areas required other techniques. Good landscape lighting will illuminate paths, reveal landscaping, and provide depth and beauty to your space. Countless styles of lighting for these spaces include, outdoor sconces, downlights, tree lights, pathway lights, and even electronic torches that can integrate with your existing lighting control system.


Talking to your local BRAVAS team can help narrow down all the options for your outdoor setup and make entertaining your guests the best experience possible. Reach out to your local outdoor living specialists by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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