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How Motorized Shades Help You Stay Warm This Winter

How Motorized Shades Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Medford, NJ Residents Can Enjoy Comfort and Savings This Season

The wintertime is full of a lot of great things: Fresh snowfall, gift-giving holidays and plenty of hot chocolate. But one thing that’s not as pleasant is the sharp drop in temperature. And while your home may be cozy, it can put a big strain on your HVAC system. In this blog, we’ll show you how motorized shades can help keep your property warm and what you can do to ensure a comfortable home without driving up the energy bill. Read on for more.

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Warmth and Efficiency

Did you know that most of the heat lost from your house or apartment in the wintertime is due to your windows? If you have large windows in any room, it can seem nearly impossible to keep it warm. Plus, your automated thermostat will constantly tell your HVAC to keep pushing heat into the room, to try and help maintain a constant temperature. The result is a lot of wasted energy.

Of course, there are plenty of things your integrated technology can do to help you save. You can set sensors to alert the thermostat to only heat the room when it’s occupied. But did you know, one of the smartest ways to ensure a comfortable temperature is with motorized shades? By choosing the correct designs, fabrics and position, you can integrate your smart shading to do much of the heavy lifting.

What to Look for in Smart Shading

There are a number of important factors that go into choosing motorized shades that will keep your home warm. Here are some of the biggest ones:

Design: If you’re a fan of interior design, you know that window coverings come in all shapes and sizes. From opaque sunshades to heavy curtains, you can choose a style that matches your needs. To keep your room warm, curtains or drapes will ensure the best results. Additionally, you can choose honeycomb shades, which were specifically designed in the 1970s to stop heat loss.

Fabric: Heavier fabrics are generally better for keeping a room warm. Think of your shades like a blanket – when the temperature is low, you’ll want a thicker one. The same is true for your shades

Position: One factor often overlooked in positioning window coverings is the air gap. A space between the window and the shade will help trap warm air, creating an insulating cushion that helps maintain a regular temperature. The aforementioned honeycomb shades are designed to help manufacture these pockets, though the same effect can be achieved with curtains or drapes.

Integrating motorized shades into your home is a fun and easy way to save energy and add style to any space. Contact Hi-Fi Sales today for more information!

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