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How Many Ways Can You Personalize YOUR Lighting?

How Many Ways Can You Personalize YOUR Lighting?

SES Design Group has the solutions for Lighting Control form and function

Worried that your individuality will be lost when you work with a technology integrator for your controlled lighting design options? Great news!  The fact is that an expert lighting control system allows you to get creative in all sorts of ways, from which light sources react to your commands to the design of the controllers themselves, and much more. That means you get to uniquely express your personality and style. 

When you partner with SES, whether you’re in the Greater Houston Metro area or just about anywhere in Texas (or beyond), your system will feel like a natural extension of your house. We make your lighting control easily relatable while providing genuine value and enjoyment.

Transform Your Outlook by Transforming Your Light

SES will help you preset lighting scenes to suit any style, complimenting the room décor or a predetermined event. The same dining room that appears bright and cheery for a get-together can be instantly transformed to be more subdued and sophisticated for an evening cocktail party, with the simple tap of your keypad, smartphone or tablet.

Customizable Interfaces

Controllers can be designed with a particular theme in mind; be it art deco, intimate or whatever suits the mood of your different users. Just as automated lighting scenes can be designed to reflect the many personalities of your household, so can the design of the devices you use to activate those scenes. The buttons on the keypads can all be custom engraved, and the icons on smartphones, tablets and touchscreens can be labeled however you prefer.

That generic button called Welcome has more meaning when labeled “Mom Rocks!” or “Dad’s Here!”  Find yourself in the kitchen every late night? You can engrave the keypad button by your bedside with the description, “Midnight Snack,” and watch as the lights in your path illuminate and dim without waking anyone else in the house.  Choose a favorite font, color, shape and style, and make it strictly personal.

Shed a Light on Your Personal Creativity

Of any smart technology options, lighting control offers one of the best opportunities to personalize each and every room. Your family can have it their way, setting each space to their individual tastes (including a “lived-in” look on timers when you’re away), all with just a touch of a button…and a call to SES Design Group, of course.

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