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How Integrators Help Architects Build Better Home Theaters

How Integrators Help Architects Build Better Home Theaters

Harness our expertise to create a space that blends functional design with style and comfort

If you’re an architect working in the custom homes field, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that more and more of your clients are asking for home theaters. To best accommodate your clients’ wishes, you want to design a home theater that’s stylish, functional and comfortable.

Unfortunately, you have hundreds of other things to worry about when you’re designing a home, making it difficult to devote your full attention to any specific elements. That’s where we come in; by hiring a home theater design expert like Smart Systems, we can handle that aspect of the project while you devote your energy to other concerns. Today we’d like to show you the value of working with us on your project in the Fort Worth area of Texas.

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Home theaters need to be isolated from as much outdoor and indoor lighting as possible. If you can’t place the home theater in the basement or another secluded area of the house, you want to use any other means at your disposal to reduce the amount of ambient light. One way you can do this is with motorized shades. These shades are designed to let as little light in as possible around the edges, and they’re very easy for your clients to use. Motorized shades also pair well with lighting control systems; the shades block light from outside the room, while lighting control gives residents more fine control over the lighting in the room. We have extensive experience with both these systems, and we’d be glad to lend you our expertise.


The right sound setup is crucial in any home theater; you want to create a soundscape where everyone in the room has a pleasant experience. We can help you place speakers for optimal sound quality and intensity. Additionally, we can install the latest in surround sound technology, such as Dolby Atmos systems that offer unprecedented audio immersion.


Let’s face it: Visible wiring is an eyesore in any room, so concealing the wiring in your home theater becomes a vital part of your design process. Fortunately, we’re familiar with this problem and have come up with various solutions. For starters, we can place speakers in the walls or ceiling to hide them from view, and we can mount the display in such a way that nobody will ever see the cables.


If you’re looking for someone with design expertise when it comes to home media room design, Smart Systems has you covered. To learn more about how we can help you with your next project, visit us online, call us at (972) 488-5100, or chat with a customer service representative using the chat box at the bottom of your screen.

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