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How Can You Create A Green Home With Smart Automation?

How Can You Create A Green Home With Smart Automation?

SES Design Group Can Map Out an Energy-Efficient Solution for Your Houston Space

A lot of precautions can be taken when building a home to ensure it is eco-friendly, from installing solar panels to using recycled material. But construction is only the beginning. For many it can be challenging to retain that green status on a daily basis. With a smart home automation system that brings all your home’s components together, it is easier to manage and optimize your home’s energy usage to ensure you’re consistently saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Incorporate Your Lighting Solutions

You can save energy within your home by incorporating a smart Lutron lighting and shading solution in your smart automation system. Program your system to open shades and turn off lights to maximize natural light throughout the day. You can also make sure that no unused lights are left on. Check which lights are on from your smartphone, whether you’re home or away, and turn them off remotely.

Smart shading can be important in helping to take pressure off your home’s HVAC system, which is often the biggest energy drain within a home. Your home automation system allows your shades and thermostat to communicate effectively to know if shades should be kept closed or open to achieve the perfect temperature.

Stay a Step Ahead With Smart Sensors

Many features of your home automation system can be optimized with sensors. When your motion sensors notice no one is using a room for an extended period of time, lights and media immediately turn off. In the kitchen, small home appliances can turn off automatically so they are not taking up important energy resources. Need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? As you walk down the hallway, LED lights turn on to guide your way so you don’t have to turn on the overhead lights.

Optimize your lighting and shading solutions by placing sun sensors on your windows so your system can respond quickly to changing conditions. Depending on the amount of sunlight hitting the sensors, your lights and shades will adapt accordingly to maximize the energy efficiency of your space.

Energy Management

A smart home automation system lets you access real-time information about your electrical, water and gas usage from an intuitive user interface on your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. Pinpoint problem areas and prepare adjustments, whether it’s changing temperature settings or light usage. You can check the calculated savings after each change to see if you want to continue with it or find another solution.

A green home does not end at construction, contact SES for a smart home automation solution that allows you to stay true to the environmental goals of your Houston home on a day-to-day basis.  

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