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How Can SES Design Group Help You Manage Energy Costs?

Green solutions are just a part of your total home control

With autumn officially here, many of us in Houston are opening more windows to enjoy the crisp fall mornings and evenings. But with heating and cooling costs being more than half of a home’s utility costs throughout the year, it is actually now more important than ever to consider how automating your home can bring comfort while also conserving energy.

Unsure of what automated features to incorporate into your Green Home? Let SES Design Group draw from years of experience working everywhere from The Woodlands to Afton Oaks, River Oaks, and beyond to help you decide exactly how “automated” you want your home to be.

Climate Control

You can save money and lessen your carbon footprint in the cooler winter months by utilizing natural light and motorized shades. Occupancy, daylight and temperature sensors can be installed to provide the optimization needed for your home. Motorized shades can be integrated into a home’s control and automation system and programmed to raise and lower depending on a preset temperature or the amount of light streaming through the windows. Well-timed natural light exposure can both help maintain warmth and decrease the wear of your furnishings.

Home Automation

A comprehensive home automation and control system makes it easy for you to regulate how a room reacts to your presence. You can even program the system to turn off lights, or all the technology, when you leave a room. The push of a single button on a wireless controller at night the can turn off all unused lights on a home, and set the security system.
Home automation also allows you to monitor energy consumption for any space. Track current and historical energy use and manage room resources with robust reporting all from a single touch screen device. You can see precise lighting levels, temperature, and shade positions for any room in the house

Outdoor Entertainment

Why limit the fun and conservation to indoors? Outdoor speakers and weatherproof TVs can be installed to bring exceptional entertainment to your late-season bar-b-ques. Lighting controls can be integrated into automated systems allowing flood lights to also be put on timers, or activated by motion sensors. If you start now, your backyard can be the happening place for holiday gatherings or overflow from your gigantic Superbowl party!

During the summer, energy conservation techniques such as off-peak heating can be applied to pools, spas, and tubs as well, so you can spend more time outside, and less time fiddling with controls. And now is the time to begin those preparations.

When all of your energy efficient systems work together –from the lights, to the HVAC to the shades – your automated home will be working at its best. Get the most out of your home integration today by incorporating energy-saving technologies from SES Design Group into your world.

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