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How Can I Make The Most of 4K Ultra HD Television?

How Can I Make The Most of 4K Ultra HD Television?

Spectrum Technology Integrators Offers 3 Ways to Enhance Your Entertainment Experience

With the next generation of 4K TVs on the horizon, many across South Florida are considering an upgrade to the newest in Ultra HD viewing technology. At Spectrum Technology Integrators we work with many homeowners to create the best possible entertainment experience for your 4K TVs. But what does 4k actually mean?

4K represents the next big jump in image resolution. With nearly 8.3 million pixels, compared to approximately 2 million in a 1080p image, Ultra 4K TVs come in at about four times the resolution of your current television.

Spectrum offers 4k televisions from the world’s most popular manufacturers – Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic – for an Ultra HD viewing experience second to none. Yet, we believe that the ultimate in high end entertainment deserves background support from other leading integrated technologies. Here are 3 ways to enhance your entertainment experience:

Upgrade Your Network Equipment

Until recently, there hasn’t been much 4k content to consume. Yet with online services like Netflix leading the way, the amount of viewing content produced for 4K televisions is rapidly changing. In addition to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon have promises of 4k content on the way. To make the most out of these streaming services, a proper internet infrastructure is required. Out-of-date equipment hinders the true potential of your network, making it harder to enjoy the newest and latest in 4K content. An upgraded network also means being able to stream Ultra HD content from multiple devices in your home without the frustration of buffering or downgraded pictures.

Consolidate Sources

This new standard not only affects the world of TV and cinema, but cameras, smartphones, and even video games. Anything that displays images or records video will be impacted by the 4K Ultra HD standard. Manufacturers of movie servers and Blu-ray discs we also make 4K content available in the coming months. The team at Spectrum can consolidate these sources allowing anyone in the home to view their favorite Ultra 4k content from any room. Integrating these video sources into a Crestron home control system will make viewing content easy and intuitive, without the use of a dozen remotes.

Showcase Your Display

The jump in resolution from HD to Ultra HD is similar to the difference seen when switching from a standard definition display to a high-definition display. 4K brings you more image clarity, detail, color depth and smoothness. Overall, the additional pixels of 4K help the image on your screen look almost life-like. The larger the 4K screen, the more you will see the difference. After purchasing a gorgeous, new 4K Ultra HD flat screen, the last thing you want to see is a jumble of wires running down the wall or along the floor. Part of the Spectrum experience includes making your entertainment prominent while hiding all of the gear.

If you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach area and want to learn more about upgrading the technology in your home, including Ultra HD 4K screens, give Spectrum Technology Integrators a call!

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