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How A/V Integrates into the Modern Luxury Home

How A/V Integrates into the Modern Luxury Home

Recently Kevin Roach, the sales manager from BRAVAS Houston, met with Erin Stetzer of Stetzer Builders to discuss how A/V integrates into the modern luxury home. Their conversation covered so much information that you really need to watch the videos, but we have outlined some highlights below. 


BRAVAS is, in Kevin’s words, “All things technology.” From audio and video to lighting and shading, to the basics like fast and reliable WIFI. We partner with brands like Lutron, Sonos, Control4, Savant, and Crestron to help luxury home builders deliver the best results to their clients.


A custom integrator like BRAVAS aims to combine all of the technology sub-systems into an easy-to-use experience. We want to take the focus off of the equipment and focus on how the clients want to live in the home. By providing education on what the client can have, we can help build a system that matches their needs.


It is important to plan for your home’s technology early in the design process, not as the home is being constructed. There are so many options that you lose control of if you wait too long. How technology can be concealed, for example, changes significantly if you don’t include the technology in the design. Other features, like golf simulators and theaters, simply may not fit into the home if not considered during design as part of the conversation with the architect.


No surprise, TVs are getting larger, thinner, and sharper. The most significant changes we are seeing homeowners connect with are around the aesthetics, specifically what the TV looks like when it is off. The Samsung Frame TV is a great example, but we are also concealing TVs using motorized lifts and motorized artwork.



It is important to consider that lighting is more than just what lights you use and where they are placed; it is also how they are controlled. Modern luxury homes are so detailed that a bank of switches cluttering a wall really stands out. Keypads like Lutron Palladiom and Lutron Alisse allow you to carry that modern aesthetic to the lighting controls while removing the banks of ugly, confusing switches.

There is so much more, and we hope you will take the time to watch both videos. We think you will learn a few tricks to make your home a better place to live, work, and play.

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