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How a Residential Lighting Designer Enhances Your Living Spaces.

How a Residential Lighting Designer Enhances Your Living Spaces.

Lighting is becoming more important than ever, and at BRAVAS we’ve been providing intuitive lighting control options for our clients for years. But what you may not know is that we also provide the most state-of-the-art lighting fixtures the tech industry has to offer. In this blog, we will discuss how we work with your residential lighting designer and architect to achieve beautiful light in every space of your home.
Early conversations. It's best to start planning for lighting in the design stages of your project. First, discuss what's most important to you with your lighting designer, architect, and your BRAVAS team. How you intend to use each room can determine what type of lighting is needed. Your architect will provide detailed drawings of your home, and BRAVAS’ design and engineering teams will take these drawings and place the appropriate fixtures throughout the home. This initial planning makes sure the lighting works well in the room and is wired correctly when it’s time for install.    Good light vs. bad light – It's about the experience. Equally lit spaces are dull. “Good” lighting is layered, and in luxury homes, there are many elements to consider when designing a lighting plan that enhances the room.  Most of our clients choose attractive furnishings, finishes, and interesting textures that call for accent and attention in the right places.  Will there be a piece of artwork in the room? How should that artwork be displayed to make sure it’s shown in the best light? BRAVAS can work directly with you to ensure it's seen the way you want to experience the piece.   Lighting the space for the activity. Say, for example, you have a gym in the basement of your home.  Imagine waking up in the winter when it's still dark outside to do your morning exercise routine. Being able to control the light in the room to mimic morning sunlight will energize you and get your day started.  Using lighting technology like Ketra, BRAVAS can help you control the color temperature of the space to mimic the sunrise and even match the outside light during the day.  You can experience the level of control and possibilities in this video from Ketra.   Linear lighting goes a long way. Linear and tape light solutions can also add depth to the room when used in custom cabinetry and other built-in elements of your space. But tape light isn't being used for accent only these days. We are seeing more use cases for tape light as direct light sources, task lighting, ambient lighting, and even in some more modern spaces, as an alternative to recessed can lighting altogether.    Lighting design is unique to each client and how they want to best live in their homes. There are many new fixtures, control systems, and options that can make your space work for you. Our BRAVAS team is here to help you navigate these choices to see your home in the best light possible.
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