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Home Lighting Control: A Smart Upgrade for Your Jersey Shore Vacation Rental Property

Home Lighting Control: A Smart Upgrade for Your Jersey Shore Vacation Rental Property

Add Convenience and Increase Safety ‘Down the Shore’

As the Jersey Shore beach season starts to wind down, property owners may consider winterizing their vacation home and contemplating how to advertise their rental next season. From finding tenants and property upkeep to maintenance issues and maximizing profits, the list of tasks related to being a vacation rental-by-owner is lengthy. The home automation experts at Hi-Fi Sales have some tricks and tips to make property management a bit easier. Read on to learn more about the benefits of home lighting control for you beach property.

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What is a lighting control system?

This intelligent solution gives homeowners the ability to adjust the level and the quality of light in a certain space or an entire property both indoors and out. Easily set the right lighting for particular tasks like cooking, reading a book, or hosting a dinner party. Accurately controlling the lights enhances the experience within the home, and it helps to save on energy costs by using light when and where it is needed most.

What are the benefits of light control?

  • Increase security- set a ‘vacation’ or ‘away’ scene that mimics the way the lights would operate were your rental property occupied. This lighting control feature is a good way to deter would-be criminals. Additionally, the ‘away’ scene can be integrated with the thermostat and the security system.
  • Welcome guests- No one likes arriving at a dark home, especially when they are unfamiliar with the property. Automated outdoor pathway lights help welcome vacationers to the rental property and allow them to navigate stairs and sidewalks safely, and avoid any tripping hazards.
  • Reduce costs- Accounting for nearly 20 percent of the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill, lighting is a key energy-saving opportunity. By replacing standard on/off light switches with dimmers, homeowners can automatically save 4- 9 percent of electricity, even when lights are at their brightest level. When lights are dimmed, it saves even more electricity and in turn extends the life of the bulb.
  • Add convenience- By replacing standard light switches with motion sensor switches, house guests no longer need to have their hands free to turn on the lights when they enter the property or a particular room. Motion sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and then off when you leave by detecting movement. This solution is ideal for rooms where lights are accidentally left on resulting in a convenient way to help save on energy costs.

Other upgrades for your vacation rental property

  • Keyless entry- Few things are more of a hassle than getting keys in the hands of your renter. With a smart door lock, you can grant access to your guests from anywhere using a mobile device. Provide guests a unique pass code that they use while staying at your vacation property. Once they leave, remotely reset the code.
  • Temperature control- A programmable thermostat, allows owners to easily adjust the temperature in their vacation home to be comfortable before guests arrive. Owners can limit how low the AC is set or how high the heat is turned up in order to control the amount of energy renters use. All this can be done remotely.

Depending on the location and size of your vacation rental property, there may be other smart solutions that we can offer. Fill out a brief questionnaire to help us understand your needs or give us a call at (856) 751-1100 to set-up a free consultation

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