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Highlighting 3 of Our Favorite Bang and Olufsen Speakers

Highlighting 3 of Our Favorite Bang and Olufsen Speakers

Let’s Explore the Beolab 20, 50 and 90!

Sometimes, the quality of speakers must be experienced to be truly believed. When expo visitors first hear pure sound quality pulsing through the drivers of Bang and Olufsen speakers, they understand the difference that high-quality engineering can make.

CEDIA’s B&O booth showcased their magnificent BeoLab 90 tower speaker (more on this later!) right outside their exhibit, drawing in thousands of audiophiles in search of pristine audio quality and superior design. Inside, showgoers also found audio delights like the Beovision Harmony, whose speakers unfolded around a TV in graceful slow motion.

“Every project I’ve worked on is designed to streamline and simplify the user experience,” says Brian Bjørn Hansen, senior manager of retail development for North America. He continues: “That is how we define luxury at Bang & Olufsen. We place the human experience at [the]center of technology.”

Want to try these design-savvy Bang and Olufsen speakers within your Atlanta home? Keep reading to learn about three models we love!

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The BeoLab 20

The most affordable option we cover today, the wireless BeoLab 20 strikes viewers at once as elegant and compact. You can put this small powerhouse anywhere in the home, and it will adapt accordingly for optimal acoustics.

Its digital sound engine works seamlessly with every single component inside this speaker. For example, this model delivers pure and intense bass amplification that never sounds boomy: No matter how high the volume, the Adaptive Bass Linearisation technology continually monitors and adjusts the speaker’s bass performance.

The BeoLab 50

This tall, slender speaker complements any space that you need movies or music. One of BeoLab 50’s most beloved features is its adjustable Acoustic Lens mechanism, which dramatically rises from the top to fill a space or contracts to focus on a specific listening area. BeoLab 50’s handsome aluminum and oak frame its brilliant sound engineering.


The BeoLab 90

The real showstopper of B&O’s lineup, this visual phenomenon drew droves of CEDIA-goers into B&O’s booth to see what else this company had engineered. It was crafted in 2015 for the company’s 90th anniversary (hence, the name). The towering, multifaceted design is not just for show: Its drivers are artfully crafted at all angles so that sound can face in every direction in a room. That means 18 channels of amplification, each one capable of cranking out 8,200 watts of sound. No matter how many times we’ve heard it, the BeoLab 90 never fails to impress.

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