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Hide the Speaker, Keep the Sound

Hide the Speaker, Keep the Sound

How Architectural Speakers Solve Your Toughest Problem

Homeowners throughout the Bay Area want the latest technology – especially when it comes to high-end audio.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always the best-looking solution. When it comes to your interior design, a home audio video installation can be a pesky problem. How can you get the quality and functionality you want without sacrificing aesthetics?

It’s not an impossible problem. In fact, it’s something technology manufacturers have been working to solve for decades.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the technology solutions that can help you solve one some of your biggest problems: how to combine style and design. Just keep reading for more.

Architectural Speakers

Among the most complex problems you’ll face in your home is crating effective audio solutions that aren’t intrusive.

Many high-end audio manufacturers work with well-known designers to produce speakers and equipment that looks just as good as it sounds. But, at the end of the day, large audio gear can be more distracting in some rooms than its worth.

But that doesn’t mean homeowners want to give up their listening abilities. Instead, they rely on interior designers and AV professionals to come up with a solution.

In those cases, hiding the components within the walls is a great idea. The best way to do this is to use architectural speakers that sit within the walls or ceilings. They’re practically invisible except for discreet grills that are painted to match the surroundings. In some cases, they hide entirely behind a layer of drywall.


Streamlining your Audio Solution

Of course, speakers aren’t the only component of your audio system. You have a ton of other pieces in place to get high-quality audio: sources like turntables or media servers, receivers, amplifiers. And then there’s all the cabling to get the signal to the speakers.

In many cases, this is where a professional installation has the biggest impact. We use distributed audio solutions to keep most of these components hidden in a dedicated AV closet or cabinet so they’re always out of view.

The final step is creating reliable connections to your speakers with high-quality cables that remain hidden behind walls. Not only does this remove unsightly cords from mounting up in the corner or crossing across the room, but it also gets rid of the associated tripping hazards as well.


Integrated Design

When we talk about “integrated design,” we’re usually referring to the way our systems work. In this case, we mean the way technology works within your interior design.

As you can see, interior design elements play a closely with the technology. That’s why we work closely with professional designers to craft unique, custom solutions that look good and operate smoothly.


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