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Hidden TV Solutions: 10 Ways to Hide Your TV

Hidden TV Solutions: 10 Ways to Hide Your TV

As we buy bigger and bigger TVs, we also can give ourselves a severe design problem. A 75-inch TV is great to watch a ballgame or movie on, but it is just a giant black hole in the wall when turned off. Having spent all that money making your room look great, the TV is just a giant, ugly black void when not powered on.  

But it doesn't need to be that way; here are ten hidden TV solutions to 'pimp your TV' and avoid all that ugly negative space.

  1. Hide your TV behind a piece of your favorite artwork with Leon's Eclipse Art Lifts.


  1. Make the TV a picture by using a Samsung Frame TV and ensure when the TV is off, and it shows an image or artwork rather than just a black hole.


  1. Turn your TV into an art installation using a service like or Morf Gallery to put gallery-quality moving images up when your TV watching is over.


  1. Use Media Decor Edge Media Frame enhances any TV with a contemporary frame that lets the TV take centerstage.


  1. Make it a mirror using products from companies like Seura


  1. Hide it behind a curtain that we can automate with your Control System.


  1. Use a lift to raise it from somewhere hidden using Future Automation systems.


  1. Disguise it as a cabinet or in a cabinet.


  1. Make it come down from the ceiling.


  1. Bring it up out of the floor.


If this sounds good to you, then give BRAVAS a call and we can help you avoid the void in your space.

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