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Here’s the Exact Moment You Should Start Working With a Technology Professional

Here’s the Exact Moment You Should Start Working With a Technology Professional

Ensure Your Next Project Runs Smoothly With Help From a Local Home Automation Company

It’s more common than you think. You’re just about done with a custom build and the homeowner approaches you with one simple request: they want a home theater in the den. That means more construction, dealing with complicated wires and electrical concerns – basically, your entire project schedule is up in the air. It’s a tough situation to get out of, but an easy one to avoid. How? By working with a local Moorestown, NJ home automation company. So when’s the best time to start working with a technology professional? Keep reading to find out.


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When to Talk to a Smart Home Tech Company

Do your clients want smart technology in their home? The answer is probably yes. But with all of the complicated processes that they have to attend to when upgrading their property, they can easily get overwhelmed. That’s why they trust you to give them the right kind of guidance throughout the project. And that means you’ll have to anticipate what they’ll need down the line.

And what they need is usually pretty simple: functional, easy-to-use lighting; an HVAC system that keeps their rooms cool and doesn’t cost too much to operate. Those are the basic technologies that help turn a building into a home.

So when should you start working with a technology installer? Right now.

Collaborating with a home automation company from the beginning can help simplify the entire build and cut down on costly re-work time. You’ll also have the opportunities to inform the kind of technology that goes into the house, giving valuable input to the client and helping build greater trust. Below, we’ve listed a few common situations where technology comes into play.

When Technology Is Important to Your Build

Early Planning: You can’t have a dining room without lights. In fact, every room in the house you’re building needs fixtures. And today’s homeowners aren’t expecting to have to plug in lamps in every room either. Instead, plan ahead by designing each room with integrated, recessed lighting fixtures in mind.

Media Rooms: Sometimes homeowners want to enjoy a dedicated listening room or home theater. But those spaces need more than just a few plug and play pieces of equipment. Modern AV requires installed, in-wall speakers, easy-to-access cabling and other network features necessary to streaming 4K video and lossless audio. All of which are much easier to install before the drywall goes up.

Outdoor Spaces: If you want to add value to the property, you’ve probably already started designing a fun and functional deck and yard area. But today’s homeowners don’t want to leave their technology inside while they enjoy an evening under the stars. That’s why you need to prepare with smart AV solutions like landscape speakers, underground subwoofers and integrated access to video servers.

Have a new project coming up? Don’t delay. Begin collaborating with an expert home automation company right now. Contact Hi-Fi Sales today for more information.


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