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Get Dressed in Style with a Luxurious Walk-in-Closet

Get Dressed in Style with a Luxurious Walk-in-Closet

Make Sure to Include These Must-have Features in Your Dressing Room

Having a large walk-in closet or dressing room is one of the greatest perks of living in a luxury home. Everyone loves having a bigger space to store their clothes and get ready in the morning, but for real fashionistas, this becomes the perfect opportunity to show off their unique style. Unlike any other area in your home, this space is intimately yours. Revel in a vintage atmosphere or let your personality shine through with bold colors and designs. Need some help getting started? The features highlighted in this article can be found in luxury homes belonging to clothing designers, actors, singers and sports stars.

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Fill the Space with Custom Shelves and Cabinets

One feature shared by all walk-in closets and dressing rooms is the use of custom shelves and cabinets. These are precisely measured to line the walls fitting perfectly without leaving any undesirable overlaps or gaps. They are also designed to highlight the homeowners' prized possessions with appropriate sizing to house sneakers, heels, hats, or even sunglasses.

Give Your Shoe Collection Room to Shine

Custom shelves are typically used for large shoe collections. These shelves are slightly tilted to make it easier to showcase the shoes. You can also have light fixtures directly above your shoe storage to bring attention to your extensive collection. Your home technology professional can make it easy for you to control the lighting so you can feature different shelves or items on given days.

Shoe storage in walk-in closets is expected to be a decorative piece, lining an entire wall or room. Some homeowners even opt to have large cabinets installed for the sole purpose of storing all their shoes. For the more fragile items, the shelves or cabinets can be covered with glass to protect the shoes from dust.

Add a Unique Spark with Dynamic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is commonly used in luxury closets to convey a homeowners’ unique style. Wallpaper selection is varied and designs may include vintage prints, vibrant designs, or bright colors. The wallpaper style is typically picked out to match or contrast the cabinetry found in the room. For example, one such luxury closet had silver cabinets that blended seamlessly into the silver wallpaper. To enhance your design choice, work with your home technology specialist to install custom home finishes that blend light switches and outlets with the surrounding wallpaper.

Bring a Touch of Elegance with Hanging Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an overriding theme in luxury dressing rooms around the world. That's because they serve both a practical and stylistic purpose. Chandeliers offer a softer light than fluorescent bulbs, adding a warm feel to the room (and making everything look better when you're getting ready). They also play into the Beaux-Art aesthetic that is common to many walk-in closets.

Though classic crystal chandeliers are the most popular option, you can also add a bit of personality to your choice. Go with an artistic hand-blown chandelier, a few smaller bell jar ones, or a globe design. Whatever the choice, your home technology professional will ensure you get the perfect lighting out of your selection.

Finish Out the Room with an Island Vanity

Though designs vary from home to home, many walk-in closets follow a similar layout. Custom cabinetry and shelves line the walls while an island vanity stars in the center of the room. Usually, this vanity has a unique finish to make it stand out. In sleeker designs, it may have a marble or glass countertop. In more rustic ones, it usually has a mahogany, oak or maple finish.

Whether you just want a special haven to get ready in the morning or a space to show off your favorite designer wears, a walk-in closet or dressing room is a must-have for any luxury home. For help finding the perfect lighting and custom finishes, you can reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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