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Get a Smarter Home Media Room for This Football Season

Get a Smarter Home Media Room for This Football Season

Kickoff the Next Gameday With These Automation Solutions

 Football season is here; is your home media room ready? You may have upgraded your system with the latest 4K Ultra HD TV featuring HDR and a Dolby Atmos surround sound system, but there are plenty of other ways you can improve gameday. In this blog, we’ll show you some cool ways you can simplify your next gridiron gathering with easy-to-use technology. Read on to learn more about the technology you’ll want in your Delaware Valley home. 

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Controlling Your AV

You’ve probably thought of what your AV system can do, but have you thought of how it will do it? Controlling your media room technology can be just as complicated as installing it if you’re not careful. But it shouldn’t be – in fact, it should be simple, so you can get back to cheering on the Eagles or the Jets with the rest of the sports fans in your home.

Control4 makes it easy to control all of your AV. Not only can you use a single controller, but the touch screen interface can be customized to reflect only the technology you want to use. There’s no need to work out which button does what on a complicated remote if you just want to turn up the volume or pause the game. Simply find the clearly labeled button on your touch screen device and make it happen.

Plus, you can group certain actions together under a single button for even easier access. Before kickoff, make sure the TV is on, the correct channel is chosen, the TV is in the proper playback setting and the sound system is at the appropriate volume by pressing a button you’ve labeled “gameday.” That way, you can quickly get back to enjoying the more important aspects of your gathering – like talking with friends and sharing the nachos!

Smart Tech Beyond AV

Of course, you can get plenty of benefits from smart technology that doesn’t relate directly to audio video. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorites:


    • Smart Shading: Make sure there’s no glare on the TV and the room remains at a constant, comfortable temperature by integrating smart shades. Many homeowners overlook the annoying distractions that ambient light can cause, so be prepared with one-touch window treatments.


    • HD Intercom: Want to avoid making regular trips to the kitchen to refill drinks and snacks? An HD intercom can help facilitate the communication between rooms. When you get up to grab a drink, double check if the group needs a new round before you even leave the kitchen.


  • Video Doorbells: Are you waiting on a pizza and don’t want to miss the play of the game by getting up at the wrong moment? A video doorbell can help. When the pizza guy arrives, greet him remotely via your smartphone or connected controller device and let him know you’ll be right there – once it goes to commercial!

If you’re ready for a more convenient gameday, then it’s time to enhance your home media room! Contact Hi-Fi Sales today for more information.


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