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For Superior Whole Home Audio, Choose Sonance

For Superior Whole Home Audio, Choose Sonance

A Home Audio System Offers High-Quality Music in Every Area of Your Dallas Property

A common question we hear from our clients is, ‘which speaker brand provides the highest fidelity sound?’ There are many excellent audio companies out there, but our favorite for smart homes in the Dallas, Texas area is Sonance by far. To learn about the benefits of having a home audio system with Sonance speakers, keep reading. 

Hidden Speakers

Don’t clutter your beautiful home with speakers, cords, and sound equipment. Sonance’s invisible series of speakers are designed to blend into each room, providing you with high-fidelity sound without compromising your home’s interior design. We can completely hide the speakers by installing them inside the walls and ceilings. After recessing the speakers inside the walls, acoustically transparent materials are placed over the speakers to make them invisible. The speaker location in the wall or ceiling will look no different than the areas next to the speakers.

Pure, Clear Sound

The high-quality materials and innovative design of Sonance’s products combine to create sound so pure, you’d swear the symphony or rock concert were happening right in front of you. By choosing the best placement and speaker type for each room, our whole house audio experts can install a home audio system that exceeds your expectations for high-fidelity sound.

Optimized for Every Area

Your listening experience shouldn’t have to end just because you walk outside. Sonance speakers are individually designed to provide the best sound for each intended purpose. Add Sonance Visual Performance Cinema Series speakers to your dedicated home theater to bring the depth of cinema sound to your home. Choose from their line of outdoor speakers to cut through the noises of nature with your chosen music. With Sonance’s series of outdoor speakers, you can take the phrase “whole house audio” to heart by enjoying music in every area, from bathrooms to patios.

Are you interested in experiencing high-end audio with a Sonance home audio system? Contact us today to discuss the best speakers and sound equipment for your needs.

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