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Five Ways to Improve Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Five Ways to Improve Your Home with Landscape Lighting

If the landscape lighting in your home was an afterthought, you aren’t alone. Most homes that we see, even high-end homes, seem to have little thought or investment in their landscape and exterior lighting. If you are looking for ideas to upgrade your curb appeal, read on for five ways you can use landscape lighting to make your home more attractive, comfortable, and even safe. 

1. Path Lighting

Landscape lighting along pathways is not only beautiful, it is practical. Pathways are designed to allow you to easily circulate your property, but dark pathways really aren’t much better than stomping across your lawn. A well-lit pathway on the other hand, allows you to see where you are going, ensures you aren’t stepping in mud (or worse) and simply provides a better experience. Pathways also help define spaces, so looking at a yard with well-defined pathways is surprisingly pleasant. 

WAC Pathway Lighting

2. Tree Lighting

If you are lucky enough to have large trees on your property, you should show them off. No landscape lighting is more beautiful than the soft moonlit glow of lights in large trees. It creates a cocoon of light around a yard, and simultaneously makes the space feel both more intimate and more expansive. If your yard has smaller trees they can be easily lit from the ground, allowing you to add depth and definition to your yard. 

Coastal Source Uplighting

3. Expanding your Home

This may sound strange, but good landscape lighting can actually make the interior or your home appear larger. If the exterior of your home is dark, there is nothing to see out your windows at night. This turns that glass into large, black, nearly opaque squares, which closes in the room. Alternatively, if your home has extensive landscape lighting, your view continues uninterrupted out into your yard. Visually, this make it feel as if your room is larger. 

4. Added Security

Landscape lighting adds security to a home. By lighting the landscape, you take away dark places for potential thieves to hide for the purposes of surveilling your home. This cushion of lit space should make your home less attractive for someone with bad intentions to target. On top of all this, having exterior lighting makes your home feel more secure. Nothing is less comforting than wondering who, or what, is outside a dark window. 

BRAVAS Boca Landscape 

5. Entertaining

No one wants to hang out in pitch black, or under the piercing glare of a spotlight. If you desire to use your yard for entertaining after the sun goes down, consider using landscape lighting to create comfortable areas for your favorite activities. Imagine sipping a glass of wine in the evening surrounded by glare-free pathway lights gently illuminating the area around you. 

Reach out to BRAVAS right now for a free landscape lighting consultation in your home. Whatever your goals, we believe that landscape and exterior lighting will make your home a better place to live, work, and play.

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