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Explore the Many Options For Controlling Your Smart Home System

Explore the Many Options For Controlling Your Smart Home System

From Dedicated Touchscreens to Universal Remotes, There’s a Solution For You

Everything about how you design your home was a careful decision. Whether you buy a house or build one, you take every effort to make it as “yours” as possible. As you develop your Georgia smart home here in the Atlanta area, Digital Interiors makes sure each aspect of your home technology integration corresponds to your needs.

Why should the controls for your smart home be any different? Some people prefer the feel of a physical remote that can manage their entire home, while others might want to use their phones for everything. It’s not your home until your management tool feels intuitive for you and your family, so make sure you find a system that handles naturally for you. Keep reading to look at your options.

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What Makes Crestron Different?

Few would argue that Crestron ranks as the most customizable home automation system on the market today.

As Crestron programmers and installers, Digital Interiors can allow you to control your home just how you want it, but we don’t stop there. A highly configurable program gives us leeway to make last-minute additions and deletions, build onto your system or change how you control it. That means that you can start with one method that we discussed and don’t like it, we’re just a few software tweaks away from finding a management platform for the integrated home you love.

Universal Remotes

Crestron released new remotes recently, the HSR-310 and the TSR-310. Both remotes can control every smart home function from one control panel. Each remote features a small control screen and ergonomic controls for added user-friendliness.

Some pros of a remote include the familiarity of this control system that spans generations. For example, Baby Boomers and Millennials alike have used a remote in their lifetime, making it a solid choice for multigenerational families.


Crestron’s Horizon keypads have all your pre-set controls aligned on one small control panel, which can be wall-mounted with pressable buttons. Some varieties have phrases like “Good Morning” and “Good Night” so you can press one button, and your home will transform according to the pre-configured setting we help you set up. 

Crestron offers four unique design models, available in multiple colors and finishes. You can choose from one-gang, two-gang, three-gang and four-gang styles – to control as much or as little as you prefer. These backlit keypads glow in multiple colors so that you can’t miss them at night.


You carry your phone everywhere, so some people feel most in control with smartphone access as their primary smart home management device. You can look at what’s happening inside and outside your home from the office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Download the Crestron app to turn your phone until a virtual control screen that you can take anywhere.

Dedicated Touchscreens

TSW touchscreens offer an incredible user experience, from audio to video control to amazing applications and even web browsing. Recently, Crestron has focused on the incredibly fast new processor and making strategic improvements that deliver tangible benefits to integrators like us and end users like you.

You can choose from a standard-sized touchscreen or their new four-inch screen that fits virtually anywhere in your house. Though small, these touchscreens maintain the graphics and web capabilities of their larger counterparts.

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Whatever your control preference for your home technology integration solution, Digital Interiors can make it happen.

Ready to see what a difference expert installation and support can make in your North Georgia smart home experience? Contact us here or give us a call at (770) 844-5800 to get in touch with our team today!

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