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Entertaining Indoors? Golf Simulators Provide Fun for All Ages

Entertaining Indoors? Golf Simulators Provide Fun for All Ages

Make Your Media and Home Theaters Indoor Entertainment Centers

One of the wonders of digital technology is how powerfully it can simulate real life. While virtual reality technology - much of it developed right here in the Northern California Bay Area – can’t replace real experiences, it gets tantalizingly closer every year.

With the COVID-19 restrictions, we have spent lots of time indoors. And that means much of our entertainment is also happening in a digital or virtual form, whether it’s binge-watching Netflix or video gaming. If you haven’t invested in a media room or home theater, you might be missing out on a more immersive entertainment experience.

Media rooms, game rooms, and home theaters have multipurpose technology. The right audio and video equipment can do more than just give you a great passive video watching experience. Are you into golf? Golf simulators are not only good for practicing your swing or dreaming about winning a virtual U.S. Open; they can also provide fun games for entertaining friends and family. 

For some ideas on enhancing your home entertainment with unique audio and video solutions, read on.

Multipurpose Media Rooms and Home Theaters

Neither the term media room nor home theater should lock your thinking about what that space should be. If you do like a traditional cinematic experience for long-form videos like movies, you might want to build a theater space with the décor, seating, screen, projector, audio, and lighting that sets the tone for movies. 

If you prefer a more casual space, a media room might fit the bill with less rigid seating arrangements and an AV setup that accommodates multiple media feeds. For example, several flat-panel screens can display various NBA playoff games or Sunday NFL games at the same time. A movie screen can drop down from the ceiling for the big-screen movie experience. Your media room might have a kitchen and bar area in the back or an adjunct space. It might also have a pool table or other casual games like foosball for kids and entertaining.   

Golf and Sports Simulators

One of the most exciting pieces of home technology entertainment to come along is the golf and sports simulator. If you're a golf fanatic, you can justify the setup on the potential improvement in your game alone, but the bonus comes with the other entertainment it can provide.

A system like one from HD Golf uses advanced software and sophisticated cameras to immerse you in the feeling that you are on the course. Perfect your drive, practice putts, and analyze your swing like a pro. Want to play Pebble Beach? You can, without the cold you might often experience on the coast. You can compete in tournaments, and for less serious golf, simulate games like Top Golf, where family and non-golfing guests can participate in the fun.

But golf is not all the simulator can do. With the HD Multi-Sport Simulator, the same technology lets you bring other games that everyone can enjoy. New sports like basketball, bocce, and cornhole recently joined other offerings like baseball, soccer, and hockey. These games can also help your kids augment hand-eye coordination and skills in these sports, as well as provide active fun for family and friends of all ages. 

BRAVAS can design and build the entertainment space of your dreams. Whether it’s a media room, home theater, a game room, sports simulator, or all of the above, we can show you all the options. We proudly serve the Bay Area and beyond from Atherton, Woodside, and San Francisco to Napa and Walnut Creek. Give us a call or click our chatbox below to be quickly connected to one of our specialists. We look forward to working with you.

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