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Enjoy a Game of Golf Without the Handicaps

Enjoy a Game of Golf Without the Handicaps

Don’t Worry About Weather or Tee Times with a Golf Simulator

Tired of hosting friends and family in your living room or kitchen every time they come over? Why not create innovative multi-purpose rooms that have an entertainment option for everyone. They can have TVs, music, bars, and pool tables. For a truly unforgettable experience for yourself and guests, you can take your room to an entirely new level with a private golf simulator. Invite friends over for round of golf at a moment’s notice, without having to worry about the weather or finding a convenient tee time. You can also use the simulator to work on your skills between golf outings or to introduce new family members to the game.

Why Would You Want a Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator lets you play whenever you want no matter the weather or the time. No need to wait for a particular tee time or commit to all eighteen holes at once. You can invite friends to play along and hold a quick competition or play on your own to improve your game. You can even create specific training plans that will assess your skills and progress along the way.

The simulator is also a great way to get the family into the game. Kids love playing with the big screen, and you won't have to find a way to keep them entertained for a four-hour round. It’s also a great private environment where beginners can train-up without feeling intimidated.

Golf simulators also let you take a trip around the world without the inconvenience of spending hours traveling. Most come loaded up with some of golf’s most famous holes. In the same afternoon, you can take a trip to Torrey Pines then head on over to Pebble Beach or St. Andrews. Play one hole at a time or do an entire course.

The best thing about a golf simulator is that it can serve multiple functions. Since you already have a screen and projector in place, you can also use it to watch your Blu-ray collection, let the kids play the newest Playstation4 game, or even binge-watch the latest Netflix series.


How Do Golf Simulators Work?

While golf simulators were first used in professional settings like country clubs or stores, they have become increasingly prominent in luxury residences. These simulators usually go in spaces about 10 by 15 feet and have five essential components:

  • Projector: You’ll need a powerful projector to get high-quality images on your screen. Take into account that, unlike a theater environment, you’ll likely be using the projector with the lights on so it will need to be a little brighter than a typical theater or media room one.
  • Impact Screen: Your projector will send 3-D virtual images to your specialty screen. These screens are designed to withstand direct impact without sustaining damage and cause minimal bounce back, so you don't have to worry about the ball careening back at you.
  • Simulator: Your simulator includes sensors, cameras, and software. It will track your swing to gauge for launch angles, yardage, ball speed, and spin. It will then use that information to project the ball on to the image of the specific hole, course, or driving range you've chosen.
  • Mats: This is your primary playing area. We recommend choosing a platform that can adjust to make it seem like you’re playing on different level platforms.
  • Touchpad: Your system should include an easy control solution so you can choose the mode of play, the course or hole you want, and adjust volume and lighting as needed.
  • Additional Features: Through a professional installation, you can add custom lighting fixtures and speakers to create a truly immersive playing environment.

Are you ready to step up your game while designing a unique entertainment space in your luxury home? Reach out to your local BRAVAS partner to learn more about the perks of home golf simulators. 

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