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Enhance Your Entertainment with a Smart Home Automation Installation

Enhance Your Entertainment with a Smart Home Automation Installation

Your Houston, TX Smart Home Isn’t Complete Without High-End Media

Whether you’re the world’s biggest film buff or a dedicated audiophile, a smart home automation installation can transform the way you see and hear your at-home entertainment. Experience summer blockbusters the way they were meant to be seen in a home theater equipped with 4K video capabilities and a robust surround sound system. Let your music flow through your house with a whole home audio set-up. And don’t get cooped up inside this season – move your entertainment outdoors for great summer nights. Read on to find out how smart automation can revolutionize your favorite movies, television, and music.

Love Movie Nights with a Dedicated Home Theater

The lights go down as the screen simultaneously lowers and the projector starts from the back of the room. The volume of a booming sound system rises; the speakers perfectly positioned to fully immerse you in the auditory world of your favorite movie. You control it all, without getting up from your comfortable, custom theater chair. It’s all possible with a fully integrated smart automation installation. Create the perfect cinema atmosphere in the comfort of your own home with the touch of a button – and enjoy your favorite movies and television shows like you’ve never seen them before.

Wake up Gently with Whole Home Audio

You probably wake up in the morning to the annoying bleat of an alarm clock. But there is a better way. Imagine the dulcet tones of your favorite song gently arriving in your room when it’s time to get out of bed. As you walk down the hall toward the kitchen, the tunes gracefully follow you. Into the kitchen, as you prepare breakfast, you’re singing along because you know it will be the beginning of a great day. This dream can become a reality with a whole home audio system. Program it to create the right atmosphere for any occasion: from Sunday dinner with the family to Friday party night. And set the timer to wake you up every morning without that pesky alarm clock.

Enjoy Your Yard with Outdoor Entertainment

The sun is shining and the weather is warm. It’s summer – and that means it’s time to enjoy your outdoor spaces again. And there’s no better way to relearn to love your backyard than by bringing your entertainment with you. With a weather-proof 4K television, you can catch the remainder of the baseball season while playing catch between innings. Keep your summer cookouts going well into the night by integrating an amazing sounding outdoor audio system complete with landscape lighting. And control it all with the same device you use for your indoor entertainment, whether you prefer a remote, smartphone or tablet. With home automation, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to transform the way entertainment with a smart home automation installation? Contact us to get started on your project today! 

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