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Easy Upgrade Ideas From Your Home Theater Company: Laser/LED Projectors

Easy Upgrade Ideas From Your Home Theater Company: Laser/LED Projectors

Private cinemas are retreats, and a chance to get away from the hustle and hassle of everyday life. When it is time to turn off the lights and slide into your favorite theater chair, the last thing you want to deal with is a burned-out bulb in your projector. As it happens, lamps only seem to fail at the end of a long day, so what can your home theater company, BRAVAS, do to remedy this?

There is great news: Lamp-based projectors are no longer the only option. Many manufacturers have released LED, and even laser projectors. Most of these LED projectors are small, portable projectors that simply wouldn’t look great on a big screen. But others, like those from Sony, Epson and Barco, were specifically designed to improve the theater experience.

So why choose an LED or laser over a traditional lamp-based projector? Let’s start with the traditional projector, which typically uses a metal halide or xenon bulb to generate light. Those bulbs also produce a ton of heat, which means they will burn themselves out relatively quickly.

LED and laser projectors on the other hand last much longer, in the realm of 10-20x longer! LEDs are already becoming the standard for lighting, showing up in more homes and cars every year. Lasers are more unique, but they offer some amazing benefits. In addition to long life, lasers are inherently very controllable, so the colors they produce are vivid and accurate -- and the contrast is amazing. If you don’t know the lingo of projectors, contrast is the ability to display very light and very dark at the same time. When projectors do this well, the experience is incredible, with nothing to distract you from what you are watching.

If you have a lamp based projector, or just a television, in your theater, let your local BRAVAS expert show you how to make an easy and meaningful upgrade to your theater by upgrading your projector.

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