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Do High-End Audio Cables Actually Sound Better?

Do High-End Audio Cables Actually Sound Better?

The Right Cables can make your High-Performance Audio System Sing

Cables and wires have been a hotly debated subject in audio circles. 

Some people insist that there’s no difference between cheap thin speaker wire found at your local big box store versus the expensive thicker wire from a specialty cable manufacturer.

Do you consider yourself an audiophile?  Do you hear the nuances in music when played on different equipment?

Do you enjoy two-channel music played through equipment that brings out the subtle details in recordings? 

Read on to see if a cable upgrade can help bring out the best in your Southlake TX high-performance audio system.

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If you listen to favorite records on a high-end turntable or high-resolution audio on a separates system, you know you appreciate good sound.  You may wonder if the cables connecting your DAC and amplifier make a difference in the sound, or if some better gauge speaker wire might make your system sound “better” – richer, fuller, with a wider, deeper, and more enveloping soundstage.

A lot of what has been written by audio reviewers seems to extoll the virtues of one product or another.  But it’s difficult to know what will sound better to you with your equipment. 

There is some science to the cable controversy; it’s not all subjective.  In a recent article, audio reviewer Brent Butterworth notes that cables can make a difference – it is sometimes subtle, but there is a measurable difference.  While this article only discussed speaker wire, interconnects between your components can matter too.  For example, if you have a high-performance external DAC in your system, even the USB cable you use may make a difference.

Signal loss, interference, and propagation delay are all factors that can subtly affect the quality of your sound. Internal cable construction methods, the quality of the copper used, and the connectors are all important to mitigating these factors and assuring the best possible signal quality flowing through your systems. Choosing the right type and quality of cable for your system can help you achieve the sound experience you want. 

Want to hear some of these differences the right equipment can make?  Check out our Facebook page to see some videos from the recent event we had with KEF, Hegel, and Nordost to demonstrate what high-performance audio really sounds like.

We’d still love to show you how to put together a great high-performance audio system. Contact us for a demo or consultation today.   

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