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Create a Custom Home Theater Out of Any Space

Create a Custom Home Theater Out of Any Space

Bring High-Quality Entertainment to the Comfort of Your Home

If you don’t feel like heading out into the cold weather to catch a movie, you don’t have to worry – a home theater can meet all your entertainment needs. But why stick to a cinema that doesn’t express your style and preferences? Did you know you can design a theater that is unique to you? Plus, a home cinema doesn’t have to fit inside a cookie-cutter box – you can bring its level of quality to any part of your property.

A custom home theater will transform how you enjoy your favorite media in your Little Rock, AR living space. Find out below how you can create a personalized entertainment center that stuns and impresses every time.

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Pick a Theme that Fits You

A themed theater says that this cinema is specifically and uniquely yours. And the best part is that you can cater to your exact needs and preferences.

If you frequently have friends over for game night, you can theme your theater with banners and framed jerseys on the walls, as well as a snack bar that includes foods you’d only find in your favorite stadium.

Create a drive-in feel with seats that look like cars and an overhead ceiling that has stars lightly shimmering as you watch the movie on your projector and screen. You can also deck your theater out with merchandise and memorabilia from your favorite film franchise, so you can feel like you’re stepping into that world every time you enter.

You can also go with a more casual appearance or choose to stay traditional and elegant. It’s all up to you.

Multi-Purpose Entertainment Space

If you don’t have a new space in your home to create a brand-new custom theater, you can still bring the dedicated cinema immersive feel and level of AV quality to any area of your home. With a multi-purpose media room setup, you have fewer limitations, and you can personalize your space even more so.

A multi-purpose space lets you entertain friends in a variety of ways. With hidden audio video features, you can keep a screen out of the way in the ceiling or camouflaged as wall art when it’s not in use. In-wall speakers are nearly invisible to the eye until you press play. Then, after you’ve conversed or had coffee together, you can push a button and reveal your entertainment setup.

Don’t worry about sunlight causing a glare on your screen during a crucial moment of your movie! You can set a “scene” that automatically lowers your motorized blackout shades and turns off your lighting to now create the perfect movie-viewing atmosphere. And when you’re ready to go back to your daily media room, you can utilize dual shading to include sheer, colorful shades that match your space’s aesthetics.

Never compromise your personal style and interior design for your entertainment. Now you can have both without hindering either in any way!

Want to find out more about bringing a custom home theater or entertainment space to any area of your home? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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