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CinemaTech Dream Theater Package

CinemaTech Dream Theater Package

When you hear the term “home theater” what do you visualize? Is it a dark room with a spare sofa and a screen on the wall, or is it a unique, dedicated space for relaxing and entertaining with friends and family?  I believe home theater’s gotten a bad reputation in the past 15 years or so. Builders began including them in homes because they were cheap ways to add square footage, allowing them to be marketed more easily and sold more profitably. In most homes they were afterthoughts, a way to use space that would otherwise be an attic or an unused corner of a basement.

But what if a theater wasn’t an afterthought? What if you designed and built the best possible space to enjoy a movie night with your family, or a game with your friends? In that case, you would probably call BRAVAS, and we would introduce you to CinemaTech.

CinemaTech provides luxury home theater seating and acoustic treatments, and you have to see their products to believe the way they transform a room. A CinemaTech theater would be the most beautiful room in almost any home in the country, and they can be completely customized, creating 1 of 1 spaces.

Cinematech works with home theater design companies like BRAVAS, to integrate our audio and video designs into rooms so that our technology is hidden away, and looks and sounds its absolute best. Cinematech designs and builds acoustic treatments that become the walls of the space, including linear lighting, pillars, risers, and more. They then work with BRAVAS and a local installer to prepare the space for the treatments. Once the entire team is done, the room is transformed into a one-of-a-kind private cinema.

One of the best things about a BRAVAS & CinemaTech theater is that there are no limits. If you want to incorporate a golf simulator into your theater we can do it seamlessly. If you want a space that is equally at home on movie night as it is on game day, we can do it. If you want clean, modern lines with traditional fabrics, we can make it happen.

If the idea of a dark, empty box for watching movies isn’t your idea of a home theater, let us create your personal private cinema. Reach out today, and let BRAVAS get to work designing your unique dream theater. 

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