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Can Home Lighting Control Make Your Home Safer?

Can Home Lighting Control Make Your Home Safer?

Protect Your Home with Lighting and Shading Scenes

Usually, when Dallas, Texas homeowners think about home lighting control, energy management comes to mind. And while smart lighting and shading is an excellent way to cut down on your energy bill, there are far more advantages that are worth thinking about, such as home security. Read on to learn how connecting your lights and shades to a Vacation scene can actually help keep your home safe.

Add a Vacation Scene to Your Smart System

Think about the everyday lighting and shading habits of the average homeowner. When you start the day each morning, you turn on the lights as you walk from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen and so on. You might open up the shades to let in the morning light, then lower them again when the afternoon sun starts heating up the home. All of these activities act as signs of life, showing that you’re in the home. This activity is often a warning sign to would-be thieves that the home is not left unattended.

On the other hand, when you leave your home for an extended period of time, the lights stay off and the shades stay down—a clear sign that nobody is home. To thieves, this is like putting a “ready to be burglarized” sign in your front yard. So is the solution to never leave your home? Of course not. Instead, use home lighting control to fake the signs of occupancy that act as such a strong deterrent to thieves.

How Home Lighting Control Works

When you leave the home, all you have to do is set your smart home system to “Vacation” mode. The system will use sensors and timers to mimic your regular lighting and shading usage patterns. Each morning, the shades rise to 50% and the lights turn on in one room, then turn off right before they turn on in an adjacent area. Your porch light turns on as daylight fades, and the shades lower. You can even connect the TV to this system so that a show runs while the shades are up. Then, if someone happens to drive by or stop outside your house, it will appear as if someone is home. Burglars move on to easier targets, and your home stays safe and secure.

Vacation scenes are just one of many ways you can customize your smart home to fit your lifestyle. To learn more about how you can upgrade your home with smart home automation technology, contact us today. 

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