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Bring your Home to Life with a Modern Lighting Control System

Bring your Home to Life with a Modern Lighting Control System

Think back to the last time you turned on a light. The experience was likely pretty forgettable. Flip the switch; on comes the light. We do this several times a day, and each time is the same. Boring.

If you have ever entered a room and found a bank of light switches wider than an LA freeway (aka "Wall Acne"), you also know how difficult it can be to turn on the correct light when needed. Properly layered light often requires a multitude of switches. And if all the lights in a room like this are turned on at once on full blast, the space can be harshly over-lit and uncomfortable.

When homeowners need to press multiple switches to light a space properly, they quickly learn to live without using their lights as intended. They turn on only those lights that will enable them to complete a task, then they move on, missing out on seeing their beautiful space in its shining glory!

Light is the most critical design element in a home. Nothing else affects a space's overall look and feel in the same way. High-end textiles or innovative architectural elements are rendered flat or uninteresting under poor light. On the other hand, quality LED fixtures that render light well, with coordinated dimming presets, can transform even the most average space into a luxurious retreat.

While lighting control systems have existed for a while, new advancements in LED lighting have opened the door to a new world of options. The range of products on the market that offer lighting control or even color-changing features is enormous. Still, not all of these products produce quality results—and even fewer are easy to use.

It is more critical than ever for architects, builders, and interior designers to choose modern lighting control systems to bring their visions to life without overwhelming homeowners with complexity. The key is working with a custom integrator who can help select the right solutions for the job while tailoring the system to the individual needs of the homeowner.

Crestron Horizon Keypad installed by Bravas Boca Raton

Above: Crestron Horizon Keypad installed by BRAVAS (Boca Raton, FL)

Systems by Lutron, Crestron, and Savant offer lighting control and intelligent fixtures, so designers and homeowners can let their imaginations run free to create lighting scenes that go beyond simple dimming presets. Thanks to custom vibrancy control, artwork can be perfectly lit as its creator intended. Designers who crave candlelight-warm light can home in on the perfect color temperature for lighting a cozy den or bedroom. Your landscape and home exterior in Wayzata, MN can bathe in colorful light, adding drama and impact to already impressive curb appeal.

Homebuilders have powerful resources when they turn to home technology professionals with expertise in modern lighting controls and fixtures. BRAVAS Minneapolis can help ensure homeowners experience their spaces as intended—with every design element, architectural detail, and example of top-notch craftsmanship on full display.

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