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Bravas Tells How to Personalize the Technology in Your Home

BRAVAS Tells How to Personalize the Technology in Your Home

Focus on these Five Technologies

One of the joys of home ownership is the ability to truly make your home yours — customizing and personalizing it to suit your tastes, your family, and your lifestyle. The paint colors you choose for the walls, the décor you display throughout the rooms, and the placement of the furniture all reflect your unique style and create an inviting place to call home.

Unless you built your dream home, it’s likely finishes, fixtures, and flooring were chosen according to the previous owner’s taste. Additionally, the technology we buy isn't particularly unique in and of itself, but there are some ways to make the tech in your home work for you. Whether you want to update the technology that already exists in your home or you are just beginning to explore the possibilities, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some amazing tips from BRAVAS on how to personalize your home tech.

  1. Lighting is a great starting point. The fixtures and the placement of lighting help define the home and its individual spaces. The right type of lighting creates the ambiance that makes living there more enjoyable and often showcases the aesthetics you have thrived so hard to achieve. The use of scenes allows you to further customize your lighting for each room or activity within a given space. Scenes can be scheduled to occur at a given time every day or be activated by motion sensors, offering hands-free control options. Don’t forget about your outdoor lighting, which can also be customized to highlight landscaping and architectural features of your property.
  2. Window treatments are a top contender when it comes to adding personal style to your home. Fabrics, textures, and filtering all combine to give you the best home experience. Don’t forget to mechanize or motorize them for easy use and create automated scenes throughout the changing day and seasonal light conditions. Motorized shades have also been shown to improve sleep quality by blocking out natural light and fostering the hormone melatonin.
  3. Television and audio usually vie for third place consideration. The TVs of today are not your father’s TV anymore. High resolution, ultra flat, concealed, almost stealth in appearance allow you to personalize it to your viewing habits. Visible when you want to binge watch your favorite TV show and out-of-sight when not in use. 
  4. Audio throughout the house can take on many forms. From built-in to free standing high-end two-channels to wireless speaker systems give you more personalization options than you might ever have imagined.
  5. Cameras, security sensors, and gate and door access provide you the peace of mind you need to protect family and property. Each security system can be tailored to meet your needs whether you frequently travel for business and need to keep tabs on your house remotely or have young children who arrive home before you do. Setup smartphone reminders that let you know if you forgot to lock a particular door. There are many options to choose from that are sure to meet your individual needs.

Step one is as easy as contacting a BRAVAS partner who can explain, in detail, the possibilities including those mentioned above and many others to create the personal home of your dreams.

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